Create-a-Yugioh Character!

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Create-a-Yugioh Character!


Post by Kazooie64 » Sun Sep 15, 2002 11:53 pm

Sorry, Yami Yoshi beat me to the card one, so oh well. You can also make a millenium item!

Name:Angela Snowark
Millenium Item:Millenium Mirror
Age:14 1/2
Looks:Long amberish hair, blue eyes, navy blue shorts, a green tank-top, sometimes has her hair back in a pony-tail
She is pretty dark and rarely says anything.(She talks even less than Bakura!) But when she does speak, it's almost always important.(Unless someone gave her sweets, then when she says something it makes no sence) She may seem a little mean, but she is friendly most of the time. She thinks Weevil is really really annoying and should die a horrible, firey death.
Favorite Card-Blue Skull Black Ultimate Dragon(See Create a Yugioh card)

Millenium Mirror
Effect-Duplicates the nearest millenium item while in a duel, also creates a card for dueling which copies the opponent's favorite card. The user can't be affected by other millenium items either.

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Post by The Cat » Mon Sep 16, 2002 1:25 am

Name: Yami Yoshi
Millenium Item: Millenium Egg
Age: ?
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100
Description: A black Yoshi with evil red eyes. He wears blue shoes and wears the Millenium Egg around his neck like a pendant. This Yoshi possess dark powers that can easily annihilate foes. His favorite card is the Red Eyes Black Dragon.

Millenium Egg
Seals souls in the Shadow Realm. If broken, will release a terrible evil throughout the world.

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Post by Chunky64 » Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:26 pm

Name:Alex Malar
Nickname:The Fell Beastmaster
Physical Description:As tall as Joey,black flattop,t-shirt with 666 splashed across front.Silver skull ring on one hand.Blue eyes
Personality:Confident and ****sure,but far from friendly,tends to be gruff and sometimes even insulting.
Favorite card:A unique known as Sauron the Ringlord.

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Post by IO Albina Neko » Wed Oct 02, 2002 6:27 pm

Name: Cassandra Delvin

Age: 17

Height: Around 5' 2", not tall, although she appears imposing

Weight: Around 95 lbs

Appearance: She's small, but deadly. Her hair, when down, falls to her shoulders, but it's usually up in a spiky ponytail. It's light brown with gold highlights most of the way through, but fades into an electric white towards her bangs. Her eyes are a storm blue, and she normally wears white shorts, a lavendar tank top, and a short, light blue jacket over it. Both her jacket and her shorts are riddled with pockets out of which she'll pull everything from oodles of cards to a jackknife.

Description: Cass wanders the streets dueling people for money, and thus is very good at what she does. She's an orphan searching for answers about her parents' deaths. She is usually cold, a lone wolf, and refuses to get close to anyone, or to let anyone get close to her. She has an odd ability to occasionally see glimpses of the near future.

Deck: Cass uses a Storm Master deck, based on Thunder and Wind cards, as well as strategies that strike the opponent hard and fast. (Working on creating the actual deck.)

Favorite/Image Card: Thunder Dragon (may change soon)

Special Item: A silver, oval pendant with the image of a pegasus carved into it is always about her neck, usually under her shirt. It glows when something of importance or danger draws near, and may hold other undiscovered secrets or powers.

Well, what do you guys think? I'm really not a big fan of the whole coldhearted-lone-wolf type character, but she's here anyway. I'm trying to create a chara to wield my Labyrinth deck I'm creating too. Nwahaha...

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Post by Kazooie64 » Fri Oct 04, 2002 9:44 pm

Name :D ezirée Tirney
Millenium Item:Millenium Bell
Looks :P uffy, short dark brown hair, held down by barrets, red long-sleeve shirt with small silver hearts across the collar, a black skirt and green eyes.
Angela's best friend. She owns a bell collection and runs a small shop filled with lots of fun things. She is really hyper-active and cheerful, basicly the exact opposite of Angela. But behind all the happiness she is very sad because her father is never around and her mother is very sick. She gets kidnapped and taken to the Shadow Realm by Chris Ward(see below) and is forced to duel him. She isn't a very good duelist and has never won a duel even once! She remains in the Shadow Realm until finally Angela and Kristin(see below) come to save her. Her deck mainly conists of cute or female monsters.
Favorite Card-Princess of Tsurugi

Name:Chris Ward
Millenium Item:N/A, but he has the Pendant of Black Shadows
Age:14 1/2
Looks:Brown shirt with an evil-looking smilie on it, black pants with a silver chain hanging out of the pocket, black shoes and red eyes.
He hates nearly everyone and has no friends. He steals peoples cards and money, and takes Dez's Millenium Bell as well as kidnaps her. He is truly evil and seals the people he doesn't like in the Shadow Realm with his Pendant.
Favorite Card-Summoned Skull

Kristin Wyush
Millenium Item:N/A
Looks:Short black hair, purple short-sleeved shirt, navy blue shorts, dark blue eyes, glasses, braces.
A very sweet girl, but my God she talks fast and no one ever understands what she is saying. She looooves ice cream and haaaaaaaates Chris. Angela forces her to come and save Dez from the Shadow Realm. She too sucks as a duelist and has horrible cards.
Favorite Card-Soul Release

Millenium Bell
Effect:No one really knows. Dezirée never uses it but it is believed to negate Yugi, Bakura, and Malik's Yamis when rung during a duel.

The Pendant of Black Shadows
Effect:Can seal anyone in the Shadow Realm at any time. They can only be saved by defeating the sealer at a duel in the Shadow Realm.

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Post by Chunky64 » Fri Oct 18, 2002 3:05 pm

Appearance:Medium-size,gray hair,black eyes.Scar going down from below his right eye to his chin.
Favorite card:Clone Machine(see 'create a Yu-gi-oh card)/Exodia.
Bio:Sol-leks is ranked just behind Seto Kaiba as a duelist. His deck contains Exodia and his deadly monsters and cunning strategies have been the downfall of many a duelist.His ultimate dream is to become the greatest.He is a ruthless duelist,and somewhat gruff,but he is well-liked,and even Yugi,who he dreams of defeating for the title of King of Games has something of a rapport with him.

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