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Strategies for Navigating the Forums known as VGF (aka FAQs)


Post by Heroine of the Dragon » Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:35 am

[Use Ctrl+F to search for the subject you need.]

When you need help, forgo the Bat Signal and instead Private Message (PM) an Admin.

Q. Who are the Admins?
The BOSS Boss – Shane
The Dragon Boss – Saria Dragon of the Rain Wilds
The Faerie Boss – Heroine of the Dragon
Pick a boss! Although, you're likely to get more joy from contacting a faerie and offering her a grinnie or a dragon and mentioning 'fire'.

Q. What are grinnies?
"Grinnies" is Faerie terminology for emoticon, smiley and/or graemlins. These are used to indicate an emotion by way of a small image. If you click on the 'smiley face' on top of the reply box, a hunt (collective noun) of grinnies will appear below the reply box.

Q. How do I become an Admin?
There is no logical sequence of events. It hasn't happened for nearly a decade due to the awesome Staff members we currently have that work extremely well together. Planets need to align, stars need to fall, sugar and immortal souls given freely.

Q. Who are the Staff members?
Well, we have Super Moderators and Forum Moderators. They have different levels of super-powers but they basically do the same work; Mods are the members who have been appointed or elected to watch over a specific forum and literally moderate the content.
Mods read topics in their forum to make sure everyone is behaving in an appropriate manner; that no one is evading the censors, spamming, flaming, trolling or making topics in the wrong forum. They can edit or delete posts and topics, move topics, and feature topics that they think are important.

Super Mods have the same powers as a regular Mod (edit or delete posts and topics, move topics, etc), but they can do it in every forum of VGF. A regular Moderator can only perform these duties in the forum that they Mod. Mods and Super Mods will usually help or offer you advice if you need.

You can find a list of their names here.

Q. How do I contact these Staff?
You can 'Tag' a Staff member by posting @ and their complete username --- without a space. Or you can click on their username, and "Start a Conversation" which is an euphemism for PM. The link for the PM is found under the header "Information" in their profile.

Q. How do I join the Staff team?
If the Admins believe a forum is active enough to require a Moderator, or they need to replace a Mod that has left, they will post an election topic. To run for the position, you need to have been a registered member for two months, and have a minimum of 200 posts. Usually, a person who is already active in the forum BEFORE the election is called will have the most support, and you will only be elected if you show maturity and leadership qualities.

There is a lot of responsibility involved in being a Moderator- not just anyone will be given the position. If you think you're qualified and want to run in a current election, read the Articles of Moderation.

Q. How do I become a Supporter?
In Account Upgrades you can choose to become a Supporter by donating money to VGF, which helps make sure the site can afford to stay online.

Q. I want to support VGF. What extra cool stuff do I get?
YAYYYYYY and thank you!!
By becoming a Supporter, you get the following really amazing cool extras:
Better avatar options, better signature options and a pre-set custom-coloured username. You also get a banner recognising your generosity under your title.
Plus, we can always put your picture on the Wall of Fame.

Q. Okay, tell me about the other good stuff; how do I change my username?
Check the VGF Discussion forum for a thread or contact an Admin, probably the faerie.

Q. How do I get a cool-coloured username?
You need to be either Staff or a Supporter.

Q. I want to change my profile, how do I do this?
Your profile can contain information such as your favourite game, IM contact details, hobbies and other things. You can find all under your account settings, such as Personal Details, and Contact Details. You can also change your email and password, if necessary.

Because you're a newbie, and we want to ensure the bots stay in cyberspace, we make it so that you can do this after being registered for 15 days and have 10 posts. Just one post a day (if you can restrain yourself that much).

Q. How do I use the blog feature?
Again, we need you to stay a little while... so, keep posting and in 10 days you'll be able to blog to your heart's content. Tip: Get 15 posts to unlock the magic key, too.

Q. What about that picture under my username, how do I personalise that?
It's called an avatar. Custom avatars are available to Supporters immediately. Otherwise, you're still a newbie and you need to wait. You need to be registered for 30 days and have 100 posts. Once you are a Supporter, an Avatar Editor will become available to upload your own image.

Q. How big can my avatar be?
Well, we kind of know it's 15k to... something for regular members, and we know for sure it's 50k for supporters.

Q. When can I put my signature in? What about a custom title?
You need to be registered for 140 days… oh, and have 500 posts. A piddling amount in the scheme of things.

Q. When do I stop being considered a newbie?
Your rank changes after 15 posts, and again after 100 posts, but you'll probably find you'll be considered a newbie until you're a little better known around the forums. Try participating in many topics so people can get to know you.

Q. Help! I can’t remember my password. How do I contact you?
You click on the "Forgot Password" link and complete the details then an email is sent to you.

Q. But my email is no longer working/accessible, what now?
At the bottom of the VGF forum is a "Contact Us" link. Complete it and we'll get back to you.

Q. I've forgotten what PM means, and do you use other abbreviations?
Yes, like all communities, we have our own 'lingo' and use abbreviations.
13th floor --- where members go when they're in a band
Admin 5 --- Shane (Admin)
Grinnies --- smilies, emoticons, graemlins, emoji
Misc --- Miscellaneous forum
Nameless --- Secret VGF Illuminati forum
PDN --- Publicly Displayed Name
PM --- Private Message (also known as "Conversation")
PPR --- Philosophy, Politics and Religion forum
Shanebot --- Shane's automated thread creating friend
TPAM --- "The Person Above Me" (forum game, thread title)
VGF --- Virginian Goat Farmers, Video Gamers First, Video Game Forums
WoT --- "Who's On Top" (forum game, thread title, aka the reason some people have thousands more posts than others)

We also shorten PDNs into nicknames for many of the long-term members (in some cases, the nickname stays long after they change their PDN)...
HotD/Hottie/HotDog - Heroine of the Dragon (admin)
SD/ESSDEE - Saria Dragon (admin)
AI - Automatic Idiot (supermod who rubs his tilde all over your asterisk)
ML - Marilink (supermod)
Cap/Capt - Capthayfever (supermod)
Boo - Booyakasha (mod)
Val - Valigarmander (mod)
SC - Scarecrow (mod)
Ian/IAN - I am nobody (mod)
CL - CuccoLady (mod)
Bomby - Bomberman Blue (mod)
TML - The Missing Link (mod)
DT - Deku Trii (mod)
Many of the active and long-term members also go by nicknames at VGF.

Q. Now I want to know about posting around VGF, how do I make italic and bold font?
See all our BB Codes here.

Q. What are the trophies for?
Trophies are awarded for a variety of reasons; things like:
Posting around the forums
Liking posts
Mafia (an online party game that we host here at VGF)
Other special reasons only known to some members
You can see a list of them here.

Q. How do I get a birthday thread made for me?
When you put in your birthday, it's up to you to allow the date (and year if you like) to be shown. If you have been active in the past 2 months and have 10 posts... voila! you celebrate your birthday with us in the Miscellaneous forum.
You also get a birthday email!

Q: What is SPAM?
SPAM is technically Self Promoting Advertising Messages. The word "spam" is also used for pointless, off topic posts. Filling a post with garbled letters, nonsense or extremely random stuff is classed as spam. This is a bad thing to do, and you may receive a warning from an Administrator or Moderator if you do it too much. Spam posts might also be edited or deleted.

Q: What is flaming/trolling?
Flaming is when you verbally attack someone (by calling them names, or otherwise insulting them), and trolling is when you post only to be rude and annoying to other people. Flaming and trolling will result in a warning from an Administrator or Moderator, and if you keep doing it, you could be banned. Posts containing flames or trolling are edited or deleted.

Q: What are the censors for, and what is censor evasion?
VGF is considered to be a PG-13 website, so swearing is automatically censored. Offensive words will have asterisks in place of the letters, so if you try and post a cuss word, it will show as "****" in your reply. Evading the censors is when you purposely change the way you type the swear so the automatic censoring doesn't work. This will result in a warning from an Administrator or Moderator. The cuss will be edited out of your post, if you have evaded the censor.

Q: What is "bump" and what does it mean?
"Bump" is a term members use when they bring a topic back to the top of the page. When you reply to a topic, it automatically goes to the top of the topic page (with the exception of feature topics, which always stay at the top). Topics are bumped so they come to the attention of other members, but if this is done with very old topics, it annoys people. As a general guide, if the topic isn't on the first page of the forum, you should/could make a new topic about the subject instead of replying to the old topic. Or post zombies.

Q: What is a feature/pinned/sticky topic?
A feature topic is a topic that always stays at the top of the page so everyone can see it. Usually important topics are featured. Only Admins and Moderators can pin feature topics, but if you think there is a topic that should genuinely be pinned, you can request it (either as a post in the topic, or via PM to the Moderator of the forum).

If there are any mistakes, please post.

If you have any questions, see first instruction about who to contact. Bat Signals will not work.

If it's an emergency, the Exits are *points randomly* here, here, here and there. Please do NOT panic. We will attempt to bring the emergency under control in a reasonable amount of time.

She lives in the clouds and talks to the birds...

Happiest faerie of VGF.

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