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Post by The Missing Link » Thu Mar 25, 2004 11:36 pm

Why don't we just appoint Wyborn as a moderator of the place. And then give him a "Get Off the Naughty List Free" card? I'm sure that'd solve the problem.

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Post by Heroine of the Dragon » Thu Mar 25, 2004 11:49 pm

Oops... I didn't see this in time...
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Post by Vinny » Fri Mar 26, 2004 5:11 pm

ARGH! Ok, who the hell brought it back? It was deleted for about an hour, and then...

You know, I don't like making unproven accusations, but I'm looking at you, Toch. Everybody knows Bolt is your favorite, but at least you shouldn't give him benefits for it.

And here I was, thinking that the whole Misc/Main forum merge would actually help. But no, here we are again :rolleyes: ...

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