You know, Chrono Cross really DID suck.

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Post by Falco53 » Tue Mar 23, 2004 2:54 pm

Wow, this game looks really sucky. I never played Chrono Cross.

Sniff, sniff. Do you smell that? It's the smell of a CC debate. RUN!!!
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Post by AJ Middleton » Wed Mar 24, 2004 12:34 am




EVERYONE needs to play the game for his or herself. DO NOT follow one person's opinion! How dumb can you get? Honestly now...

I could easily counter each of Jay's points...

...but it will have to wait until tomorrow when I'm not so tired.

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Post by Zavval » Wed Mar 24, 2004 2:26 am

Myself, I love the game but I agree on the Star System and lack of items. The Star System makes most battles pointless because you don't gain anything from them. Sucks even more that a bunch of battles were unavoidable.

I really didn't mind the Element system though, I guess it's just all about tastes.

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Post by AJ Middleton » Wed Mar 24, 2004 11:16 pm

This is a general post about CC.


There are multiple ways to make a sequel. You can make an "x years later" sequel which just takes place a certain amount of time after the original, has the same characters, and has a plot closely based on the original. Or you can do it like Zelda, which are a bunch of games LOOSELY linked (no pun intended), but connected well enough to be in the same series. But classifications can go on and on.


Square had a problem. They wanted to create the much-needed sequel to one of their greatest games, as well as attract the new mainstream audience. The result was Chrono Cross. It's independent enough to be understood by a new gamer, but if you HAVE played Chrono Trigger, you'll truly appreciate certain details that are thrown in.

With that said, no, it is NOT a carbon copy of the CT format. It is its own thing, which I happen to like a lot. The plot directly stems from certain events in CT, mainly the fall of Zeal and Crono's time traveling. Although certain elements seem untrue, it overall isn't a disaster.

The plot. The plot is an extention of CT's. What happened to Schala? And what about Belthasar in the new Future? All of that and more is answered. Now, it's a VERY complex RPG, and the story isn't handed to you on a plate. Therefore, you have to use logic and do some deducing. OMG I HAF TO USE TEH BRAIN!!111 Seriously, the greatest writers didn't tell everything straight out. Chrono Cross doesn't either.

Oh geez, 30 characters. Here's the deal with that. You all know that over the course of your RPG gaming, you've met certain characters and said, "Ohh, I hope I can get that guy in my team!" Yeah, well, most of the time you can't. I mean, imagine playing as Vargas or Sigfried in FF3. Or Golbez in FF2. Or even Schala in CT. It happens, and sometimes only a small feature makes a character cool. But it always sucks when the truth hits and you can't be that person. Well guess what: CC solves that. You can practically recruit almost everyone you meet in that game. There. Done. You get everyone AND their gardens and pets! And you don't even have to get everyone if this feature pisses you off--just don't recruit them.

With that in mind, NOT ALL THIRTY CHARACTERS ARE DEVELOPED. Why? Because most are optional. The main characters are Serge, Kid, Lynx, and Harle, and maybe even Viper and his family and dragoons. That's it. Everyone else is like an NPC...without the N. So please don't complain about the multitude of characters, because you know you would be finding ways to hack the game if you couldn't play as Grobyc or Radius. To get upset because the NNPCs have little to no development is like complaining because elephants don't have wings--they aren't supposed to.

The star system sucks. Here's why. Part of the joy of an RPG is learning from mistakes. The first time around you have hell from a certain boss, but the second time you realize that you need to gain levels and train to make things easier. Because the only way to get a star is from a boss, and stars raise stats, EVERY TIME YOU'LL BE IN THE SAME PHYSICAL POSITION. Blah. No diversity. The only thing that makes the 2nd time a little interesting is that you still need a strategy to beat harder bosses, but the simple fact that you can't be stronger sucks.

...But that one point doesn't ruin the game.

Elements and "items" are interesting. The only items I ever use in RPGs are for healing, and you can buy those elements and they pretty much work as traditional items do anyway. The whole magic system is unique, and I honestly like it better than standard MP. But then again, CC has a very unique battle system as a whole.

As for Lucca? This is one of those moments where you must INFER things. MEGA SPOILERS FOLLOW!! Schala really did cause everything, and after she is liberated, she restores everything to normal EXCEPT for the Frozen Flame, Lavos, FATE, etc, which have all been destroyed and removed from time. Therefore, since the Flame never existed, Porre never attacked Guardia, and chances are Crono and Marle are still alive. Likewise, since FATE/Lynx is gone, no one could have killed Lucca. Isn't it great how things work out? (But people have issues with that logic because it isn't spelled out for you. Whatever, it's an RPG.)

So there you have it. Most people don't like CC because it's a not a copy of CT and the plot requires actual thought. But overall it's fun and the music is simply amazing. Again, everyone needs to play it and develop individual opinions.

(As for Guile and Magus...that's another post.)

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Post by AJ Middleton » Thu Mar 25, 2004 12:16 am

And if YOU can read Jay, the 1st line of my post was,
This is a general post about CC.
Don't make fun of Zoah. The script translation in CC is AWESOME. All 30+ characters have their own things to say say every moment in their own unique ways. THAT'S a feat, whether you like them all or not., Zoah does a lot more than that.

Like I said, the main characters are VERY developed.

There are more than 5 double techs, I believe. And you know damn well if there were 50 you would be complaining about THAT being too many. And there's no reason to switch characters around other than who you think looks cool.

OMG...they still left out Dario. DARIO. I wish you could play as him. WTH is up with that Square? Belthasar is too old and too major to be playable.


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