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Post by give me food » Fri Feb 06, 2004 9:21 pm

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Post by Marioman143 » Fri Feb 27, 2004 7:34 pm

...pllllllb. I didn't like this game at all. FF10 was ok, so I thought this would be ok too. But hell no.

So unfair.

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Post by imported_Kaeru 7 » Sun Feb 29, 2004 6:32 pm

Final Fantasy X kicked ass, and I really don't get why it received such a backlash. It had an incredible story that kept me up on continuous late-night gaming sessions--two months of my life were literally sucked away. Square also got quite innovative with the likes of the sphere grid and being able to switch your party members in the heat of the battle. Yes, the game does have some flaws--namely, the lack of an overworld. However, Square's just experimenting. Would you rather have a carbon copies popped out on an annual basis?

Overall, I think a lot of people are too critical of Final Fantasy nowadays, mostly because "hardcore" gamers that are too good to enjoy a game that millions of other mainstreamers do. These people follow the same continous pattern: FF6 is the best (with your occasional uber-hardcore gamer granting FF4 this title); FF7 is good, but overrated; FF8 just sucked; FF9 rocks because it's old-school; FFX is horrible. I agree that the earlier Fantasies were better, but I think other people use this as an excuse to shoot down nearly every post-16-bit RPG out there.

However, I think Final Fantasy X-2 is absolutely disgusting. I've always held the firm belief that none of the games in this series should ever have a sequel. FFX had a beautiful ending and shouldn't have been tampered with. It's a blatant tool Square is using to rake the cash in. Yeah, I know I'm pre-judging. I just have this premonition of this game posessing a high suckitude factor.

And don't get me started on Advent Children. Don't.

By the way, EarthBound trumps all of the aforementioned games.

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Post by give me food » Sun Feb 29, 2004 11:09 pm

FFX was good. I just didn't like the characters' personalities, exceptions being Auron, Rikku, Kimahri, and Lulu.

Tidus just...bugged me.
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