My Particular Relationship With Religion

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Re: My Particular Relationship With Religion


Post by Valigarmander » Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:13 am

I was raised Catholic. My mom was a devout her entire life, and my dad was a nondemoninational cafeteria Christian. I approached religion with gusto most of the time; Catholic mass was always boring, but I enjoyed Sunday school and loved learning about the Bible and the tenets of the faith. I frequently read the Bible on my own time as a kid. I remember asking for a study Bible for Christmas when I was 13 or 14. I didn't get one. :frown:

Doubts came knocking around age 15. I can't recall what exactly what triggered my crisis of faith. It could've been a moral issue, or maybe a conflict between scripture and science or history. Whatever it was, once I had questioned one thing, it didn't take me long to start questioning everything. I was afraid of where that path might lead me, but I decided that my faith demanded that I not cower away from difficult questions, and that I had to pursue the truth, whatever it might be. Not long afterward I came to understand Christianity as false and God, as orthodox Christianity defines it, to be nonexistent.

In the years that followed I explored other religious and spiritualistic belief systems, but everything suffered the same problems as Christianity, and I could not commit to any. At this point in my life I'd say I'm pretty firmly atheistic and materialistic (definition 1a), and I don't see that changing without extraordinary evidence to the contrary. If I do ever become spiritual again in some sense, it would be without religion. Religious studies in general and Biblical hermeneutics in particular have been a favorite subject of mine for a long time, and it has become impossible for me to see religion as anything but manmade.
Apollo the Just wrote:
Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:33 pm
man i completely forgot that door-to-door canvassing is still a thing because i live in an apartment complex lmao

i respect people who have the dedication to go door-to-door for literally anything, but i also personally dislike being on the receiving end, so that's what a good ole fashioned "no solicitors please" sign is for :thumbsup:
I've gotten a few in the past, but not since I moved to an apartment complex. I think my issue personally is that I'm immensely antisocial, and I don't like talking to canvassers no matter what it is they're selling. I don't think I'd mind having a back-and-forth with an evangelist if it was, say, over email or something.

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Re: My Particular Relationship With Religion


Post by steeze » Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:47 am

Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:03 am
I think it just came off as somewhat condescending is all he was saying. If the guy feels like he's doing something worthwhile then I don't think he's being deceived or wasting his time. He's busting his ass in his own way, maybe a more important way from his perspective. Not sure there's a reason to think there's anything radical about it or that he's been manipulated.

There's a lot worse stuff young people can and do get into, I don't think society respects religion enough these days. It really does do a lot more good than bad.
There's a Jehovah's Witness community right outside of my town which is why I'm fairly certain that's who always coming to my door. I'd say there's plenty reason to think people in that community are manipulated. When I say radical views this is what I mean.

No blood transfusions ever, no matter what. Including for their children. Imagine your kid has leukemia and is dying or you've been in a serious accident. Well you're out of luck on that front. You can't give blood either.

Committing any major sins like getting a blood transfusion, homosexuality, tobacco use, going to another church even for a wedding or something you are a guest for is grounds for dismissal from the church and members of the church can never speak to you again. That means if your whole family are Jehovah's witnesses your family is never allowed to speak to you ever again. If you leave the church because you don't square with their beliefs anymore the same rules apply. Kids who are born into this aren't allowed to speak up or risk losing their entire family.

They believe the world is going to end soon and only they will be saved. They've been wrong about the date three times already so why not make it four. If that's not the classic fear manipulation, I don't know what is.

The big one. They are discouraged from getting a higher education on the grounds that preaching should be their lives. If you go to school you might take classes that give you doubts about your faith and you'll end up leaving the church. Plus they'll never accept a woman into the upper echelons of the faith on the grounds they aren't qualified.

Like I said before I wasn't comparing volunteer work to preaching. So if it came off as condescending, it certainly wasn't directed towards that. I do apologize for offending you @Marilink I think you do great work.

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Re: My Particular Relationship With Religion


Post by Marilink » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:33 am

No worries. I wasn’t necessarily offended, I just thought it came off as presumptuous.

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