3rd Card Of The Day Is Dark Elf. SHOULD YOU USE IT?

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3rd Card Of The Day Is Dark Elf. SHOULD YOU USE IT?


Post by Greatluigi » Thu Aug 29, 2002 5:48 am

Yeah. It's DE. Let's take a look now this card reads.... This card requires 1000 of your LP to attack. OOOh spooky...erm...anyways the card has a good reason to attack as...well...just look at the card and read my list of cons and pros

Image..Oooh not shiny. Andross won't like this.

Pros:2000 Attack Points. 2 Swords of deep seated will make it 3000 for 1000. Good stall monster.

Cons: Low Defense power. As usual...Sword And Shield owns it. Trap Hole owns it. SS owns it.

That's as much as i could think of. I do get up early to post these. Eastern 6-6:30 ya know. But i'm blabbering about something i shouldn't be. Don't forget to read the notice. CIAO!

Poe the Ghost
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Post by Poe the Ghost » Fri Aug 30, 2002 8:18 pm

Sorry, even more late.

I wish I could like this card, it has real potential. 2000 Attack Points and no sacrifice? Amazing. But there's always a catch...

The catch here is the 1000 LP cost to attack. This doesn't seem like it's too big of a problem, but that's only 8 turns, and probably even less with your opponent chipping away at you. Bottom line, in a hard match you'll need all the LP you can get, and that spells trouble when you have a card sucking your LP each turn.

Combos: Cards that restore LP make this a viable card in your deck, but even then you're relying on a lot of luck to grab both.




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