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Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2002 7:07 am
by Greatluigi
A few problems. There's that REBD it's not worth it. It really isn't. Yes i know flute of summon dragon is good with it but SS is so much better. And i need a full deck. I like to rate the entire thing. 2 field magic cards? Not looking good. You have machine conversion factiory but i don't see any machine type monsters.(I think) Hinotama? Ech. A full deck and better orginazation of the cards may work. And i can't rate it if it isn't a full deck.


Winged dragon
Celtic dragon
Man eating treasure chest
catapult turtle
thieving gaurdian
root gaurdian
Spiritual king of the green tree
War earth
Dark prisoner
Basic Insect
Red Eyes Black Dragon<my favorite>
Mystical Sheep#2
Whitty Phantom


Machine Conversion factory
Pot of greed
Lord of Dragon
Remove trap
Last Will
Sword of Dark Destruction
Dain Keto the cure master

Trap cards(7)

Ultimate Offering
Castle Walls
Two pronged attack
Dragon Capture Jar
Trap Hole

That's an improvement. Of the order of the cards anyway. Check out the COTD!

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