In the Groove for PS2!

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In the Groove for PS2!


Post by imported_Andrew » Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:13 am

Yay, now I can play ITG without going out of state!
RedOctane Announces In the Groove for PlayStation(R)2
Tuesday March 1, 11:10 am ET

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- RedOctane(R) announced today it has signed an agreement with developer Roxor Games, Inc. to release In the Groove, the high-energy dance game designed from the ground up by hardcore dance gamers. Based on the hit arcade game, In the Groove will be the first-ever published video game for RedOctane and will be available exclusively on the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system.

"The popularity of our award-winning dance pads has demonstrated the enthusiasm gamers have for active video games," stated John Tam, game producer at RedOctane. "In the Groove is an incredible leap forward in dance games with the arrow modifiers providing fun, variety, customization, and challenge to players of all skill levels - including the hardest of the hardcore. In the Groove was created by Roxor who, as die-hard fans, really drove the development of this project. Many features were designed to make the game easier to learn yet challenging at the highest level of skill."

In the Groove (ITG) is an interactive dance video game that combines music, video, and a dance pad controller. Players spin, swivel, slide, and dance their way to earning points instead of just moving a game controller. In the Groove features exclusive, never before seen features like arrow modifiers that make the game arrows spin, change speeds, boomerang, and move in 3D along with over 40 other amazing effects that create additional challenges and endless customization for dance game fans.

While maintaining the same addictive game play of popular dance titles, In the Groove offers innovations in step choreography - hands, mines, and quads will have players making new kinds of moves not seen anywhere else before. Hands means a player must hit the designated arrows with their hands and with mines, there are red "landmines" that at a glance may appear to be arrows, but must be avoided at all costs. With quads, players may have to use all two hands and feet to hit each of the arrows simultaneously.

In the Groove features more than 70 songs including four not currently found in the arcade version of In the Groove. Original titles include Utopia, Xuxa, Zodiac, and Oasis. The music selection reflects fan requests and brings in a new, more Western techno sound.

Upon beginning, game players are asked to choose from five different play modes: Dance, Battle, Marathon, Fitness, and Tutorial.

Dance Mode: This is the main game play mode for In the Groove. The default settings for this mode are identical to those found in the arcade version of the game.

Battle Mode: Challenge a friend or the computer to an all-out competition in Battle Mode. In this mode, as you score better throughout a song, you will unleash modifiers on your competitor's screen. The better you do, the harder it will be for your competitor to keep up and vice versa!

Marathon Mode: Play four or five songs in a row with no breaks in-between. Watch out! Some Marathons also feature arrow modifiers that will affect your game play.

Fitness Mode: This mode helps you stay in shape by developing an In the Groove exercise routine and tracking the amount of calories you burn. You can choose between 1 Player, 2 Player, or Double Fitness Modes.

Tutorial Mode: This is a great way for new players to familiarize themselves with the game.

Key Features
-- Over 70 brand new songs from proven talent and new independent
artists, covering a wide variety of genres.
-- Over 550 new step patterns from step artists in the dance community.
-- 50+ modifier options, including 20+ new arrow modifiers for creative
-- 3 styles of play: One Player, Two Player, or Double-Pad.
-- Up to 5 difficulty levels per song to accommodate all players from
beginners to experts.
-- Innovations in step choreography - mines, hands, and quads - will
have you making new kinds of moves.

About In the Groove

In the Groove (ITG) is an interactive dance video game that was designed from the ground up by hardcore dance game fans and takes dance games to an all-new level of competition. While maintaining the same addictive gameplay of popular dance titles, In the Groove features exclusive, never before seen features like modifiers that make the game arrows spin, change speeds, boomerang, and move in 3D along with over 40 other amazing effects. Please visit for more information.

About RedOctane(R)

Based in Sunnyvale, California, RedOctane is the leading online retailer of dance games and dance accessories in the US. The company's motivation is to design and produce high-quality video game software and accessories that "Bring the Arcade Experience Home" for game fans. Their product line includes the award-winning RedOctane Ignition Dance Pad. For more information on RedOctane and their product line please visit

About Roxor

Roxor Games, Inc., based in Austin, TX, was established in 2002 and develops technologies and game designs for the arcade, home, and online markets. The company develops games initially for the arcade, leveraging the low cost of entry and immediate feedback of the arcade to test and refine the game experience. By developing and testing using this process, Roxor brings highly tuned and fun to play games to the demanding home console space.

Roxor Softology includes a wide range of games such as Tux Racer Arcade, In the Groove Arcade, and the in-development multiplayer car combat game, Hordes: No Escape.
Oh, and Pump It Up is coming out as well for PS2 sometime, but it's too damn hard. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Post by PenguinMan » Wed Mar 02, 2005 11:34 am

PIU is awesome, shut up.

And moved to the PS2 forum, since this has nothing to do with Konami. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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