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Post by CameronJohnson » Mon Jun 23, 2003 5:54 pm

*Copies and sends all of these cards to the CEO of the Yugioh Card game. Gets 5 million $'s*

Hehehehe, thanks :D

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Post by SkyDragon » Mon Jun 23, 2003 7:02 pm

You shouldn't give out your income information like that, especially on a forum full of tax collectors and tax enforcers...

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Post by Omni_Link » Mon Jun 30, 2003 4:27 pm

dam tax collectors.....dam them al!!!!!

any way....

there must be 10 monster cards in your grave to summon this monster. you still must also sacrafice 4 monster cards on the field. this card nuetralizes all magic, trap and monster effects except its own. and for each monster that gets sent to the grave yard(both sides) death gets a boost of 100 attack or deffense. when this card is sent to the grave yard, player is aloud to summon or set a monster on the field with any level. this monster cannot be brought back to life in the duel by any card effect.

00c: can ya rate my card ideas between 1-10? thanks. :D

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Post by celebi134 » Wed Jul 16, 2003 11:53 am

how's 31 ch33p0 sound?
(BTW: I said el cheepo)

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Post by yzat-X is STILL alive » Wed Jul 16, 2003 7:52 pm

Name: Farting Cow of Doom
Attribute: Dark
Type: Fiend (Normal monster card)
ATK: 3400
DEF: 3250
Number of stars: 8
Description: This creature unleashes an incredible force of toxic gas right out of its anus.

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Post by Kil'jaeden » Wed Jul 23, 2003 1:56 pm

Magician of the Sea. Dark Magician + Legendary Fisherman.Group:spellcaster,Element:Water. 2600 atk 1850 def. is not affected by traps or attacks when Umi is on the field. Gain 200 atk for each water monster on the field. loses the attack gained from a monster when it is destroyed. level 9
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Post by SkyDragon » Wed Aug 06, 2003 3:21 am

Green Eyes Yellow Dragon ******** 3600/3000
Flip: Remove from play any Blue Eyes White Dragon or Red Eyes Black Dragon that are in your opponent’s graveyard, after flip summon this monster’s attack and defense drop by 700 during your next battle phase, after the following battle phase the attack and defense return to normal. If this monster is normal summoned in face up attack position (not flip summoned), its attack and defense drop by 1300 for the remainder of the duel. You can special summon this monster from your hand by removing from play 1 Blue Eyes White Dragon and 1 Red Eyes Black Dragon either from your hand, your field, or your graveyard. This monster gains 100 attack points for each Blue Eyes White Dragon and for each Red Eyes Black Dragon removed from play, it also loses 500 attack points for each Blue Eyes White Dragon and for each Red Eyes Black Dragon in either player’s graveyard. Any card destroyed while this card is face up on the field is removed from play. This monster can negate an activation of 1 magic card and 1 trap card at no cost, the owner of the monster chooses when to activate this effect. If this monster is destroyed, the owner’s LP is reduced by half of this monster’s attack points, if this monster is removed from play directly from the field, the owner LP increases by ¼ of this monster’s attack points, after that the owner can choose 1 magic or trap card from their graveyard and add it to their hand.

Red Eyes Ultimate Metal Dragon 4200/3600
Machine/Fusion/Effect **********
(looks like 2 headed Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon with a huge cannon between the heads)
Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon + Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
Red Eyes Black Dragon + Red Eyes Black Dragon and offer 2 metalmorphs from your hand or the field
Offer 1 Red Eyes Ultimate Dragon(3600/3000 2 red eyes fused--a card I posted earlier) equipped with metalmorph to summon this monster.

This monster gains 200 attack and defense for every machine monster on the field and in the graveyard. This card can negate the activation of any magic or trap card by discarding 1 metalmorph from your hand to the graveyard or destroying 1 machine monster on your side of the field. When this card gets destroyed your opponent loses 1/3 of its attack points.

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Post by Sim Kid » Wed Aug 13, 2003 2:01 am

Locked Door
lvl 7
ATK: 0
DEF: 0
ROCK/EFFECT: This monster may act as a sheild for one of your monsters, it may only be destroyed by an opponent's monster's effect

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Post by Chunky64 » Wed Dec 31, 2003 2:01 pm

Antimagic Field
Instantaneous Magic
Effect: Discard two cards from your hand. Your opponent cannot use any magic cards for the next four turns. Any magic cards s/he currently has set are destroyed.
Picture: A crackling green energy field surrounding the Dark Magician

Dead Magic Zone
Continuous Magic
Effect: Select two of your opponents Magic/Trap Card spaces. As long as this card remains on the field, these spaces may not be used.
Picture: Swords of Revealing Light fading out of sight.

The One Ring of Power
Effect: To play the One Ring, you must choose three monsters on your side of the field, at least one of which must be either a Fiend or a Spellcaster. 1/3 the sum of their ATK points is subtracted from your life points. You may then sacrifice these monsters to summon the Dark Lord Sauron
Picture: A golden ring with firey runes inscribed on it.

The Dark Lord Sauron
Attribute: Dark
Type: Fiend/Effect
ATK: 4700
DEF: 5000
Effect: Sauron may only be summoned if you first play the magic card 'The One Ring of Power.' If Sauron is ever destroyed, you may search your deck for the Eye of Sauron and special summon it to the field.
Picture: A armored fiend carying a massive mace. He wears the One Ring of Power on his left hand.

Eye of Sauron
Attribute: Dark
Type: Fiend/Effect
ATK: 400
DEF: 5000
Effect: You may look at each card your opponent draws.
Picture: A massive black tower. Between the two spires at the top is a gargantuan, lidless eye, wreathed in fire.

Nazgul King
Attribute: Dark
Type: Warrior/Effect
ATK: 3000
DEF: 3700
Effect: Can only be summoned when 'Dark Lord Sauron' or 'Eye of Sauron' is face up on the field. Cannot be affected by any magic or trap cards.
Picture: A faceless man wrapped in a black cloak that completely covers his body, save for glowing red eyes set in his hood. He wears a skull helmet, and carries both sword and flail.

All except the first two would be Ultra Rare, perhaps even Secret.

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Post by Alucard » Wed Jan 28, 2004 9:19 pm

Originally posted by B33R DUDE KAITE- FYBSD:
Harp of Time
Reg Magic
This can only be played when "Link, the Hero of Time" is on the field. Increase his ATK and DEF by 500. The turn this card is activated, you are able to special summon "Time Wizard" to the field from either your deck, hand, or graveyard. If from the deck, shuffle it afterwards.
You for got its partner in crime:

Rod Of Seasons
Feild Magic
this card acts like a fusion of Yami, Mountian, Umi, and Sogen. this card's effect rotates during the standby phase of this card's owner's turn. it Rotates like the Seasons:
Sogen - Spring
Umi - Summer
Yami - Fall
Mountian - Winter.

I don't know if this had appeared before but:

White Vortex
Feild Magic
you can summon Monsters from other TCGs as if they were Duel Monsters. Pokémon, for example, Basic PKMN are 1-4 stars, Stage 1 are 5-6 stars and Stage 2 are 7+ stars.
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Post by Rattan » Sun Feb 01, 2004 11:54 am

Fusion Dummy
Atk: 200
Def: 0
Spec. 1: Can copy itself 4 times.
Spec. 2: Can be fused with any monster monster on the field to summon any fusion monster in your hand or your opponents deck.
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Post by heh » Fri Jun 04, 2004 9:16 pm

************************* ************************ ************************* ************************* ************************** *************************
GOD/God/Godly Effect
99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 / 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

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Post by heh » Fri Jun 04, 2004 9:16 pm

Double post and i bumped an old topic. Dang.

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Post by X-3 » Fri Sep 17, 2004 7:55 pm

Orange eyes purple dragon



Effect: When you summon this monster, you draw
one card per turn if this monster goes to your graveyard.

Chaos 4-Leaf clover


Effect: If you give up 7999 LP, you can make that monster invincible, magic cards,Effects from monsters and Traps do not work on the equiped monster. You can not attack any other cards other then the equiped monster. If this Magic card is destroyed, the the equiped monster dies, and you lose all your LP.

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Post by Codiekitty » Sat Sep 18, 2004 12:54 pm


Make any necessary alterations to the card.

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Post by Dark Magus » Sat Sep 18, 2004 5:16 pm

Introducing the new and improved Yu-Gi-Oh! God Cards...



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Post by CaptHayfever » Sat Sep 18, 2004 9:21 pm

^I gotta say, those are pretty cool right there. [img]smile.gif[/img]

As long as this has been bumped up anyway, I might as well...

Sword the Size of New Jersey (Equip Magic)
Any Warrior, Fairy, or Fairy-Warrior equipped with this card gains 1000 ATK. (wicked rare)

Lucky (2450/2450)
EF: When this card is on the field with ‘J.MAN’ (or ‘Grand High One’), neither can be destroyed by direct attack.
A glorious nymph who represents pure love.
(attack name: Reminiscence of the Ex)

Dual Unity (5000/5000)
FUS: ‘J.MAN’ + ‘Lucky’ or ‘Grand High One’ + ‘Lucky’
EF: Cannot be blocked/stopped/reflected, and cannot be destroyed by trap cards.
I think you get the general point here.
(Hypothetical Sword of Divinity)

Impressive Clergyman (Effect Magic)
If ‘Purple Hawk’ has been destroyed, you may sacrifice ‘J.MAN’ & ‘Lucky’ to special summon ‘Dual Unity’. If ‘Purple Hawk’ is on the field, you may sacrifice it to use this card.

...I've got a full line of HSR-themed cards now to go along with my Trogdor card from a while back, but I'll post those later.

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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Post by Dux is not you » Sun Sep 19, 2004 12:51 am

I hope that last card was created in reference to a videogame, because there's no such thing as a Fairy-Warrior in the TCG.

Mario Unit

Many Marios
As long as this card remains on the field, monsters that include "Mario Unit" in their name do not count toward the Monster Card Zone Limit. When this card leaves play, players must offer monsters with "Mario Unit" in their name as a tribute until they control 5 or less monsters.

Mario Recruitment
Offer 1 monster with "Mario Unit" in its name as a Tribute. Special Summon 3 "Mario Unit Tokens" [Fire/Warrior/3/400/400].

Mario Unit Researcher
FLIP: Return 1 Spell or Trap card with "Mario" or "Marios" in its name from the Graveyard to your hand.

Mario Mushroom
Offer 3 monsters with "Mario Unit" in their name as a tribute to activate this card. A monster equipped with this card increases its ATK by 2000 and switches to Defense Position after the Damage Step when it attacks.

Mario Extinction
Destroy all monsters with "Mario Unit" in their names. Your opponent loses 500 Life Points for each monster destroyed this way.

Mario Store
Search your deck for 2 cards with "Mario" in their name in your Deck, reveal them (The Deck is shuffled at this point), and put them on top of your Deck.

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Post by CaptHayfever » Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:45 am

A) The LAST card in that post is Impressive Clergyman, which makes no mention of Fairy-Warriors whatsoever.
B) There's no Googlearians in the TCG either. Cope.

Homestar Runner (2250/900)
EF: Cannot be affected by other monster’s effects when ‘Pom-Pom’ is on the field.
Everyone loves the Homestar Runner. Some folk say he’s a terrific athlete.
(Run, Jump, & Kick)

Pom-Pom (2500/3000)
EF: Once per turn, you may flip a coin. If tails, you may instantly summon ‘Homestar Runner’ from deck or hand.
Highly intelligent, patient, & loyal, he loves his family and his 27 girlfriends.

Marzipan (1500/1000)
EF: When this card is attacked, flip 2 coins. If both are heads, the attack fails.
Fickle & annoying, but mildly compassionate, she’s like a dirty hippie…without the dirt.
(Veggie Club)

Strong Bad (2250/1100)
EF: Each turn, you may choose 1 monster to completely incapacitate for 1 turn.
He is truly awesome, but not for the reasons he thinks.
(Sucker Punch)

Strong Mad (3000/2500)
EF: Cannot be harmed by trap cards while ‘The Cheat’ is on the field.
Big, ugly, & stupid. Best friend is The Cheat.

The Cheat (1000/1500)
EF: Cannot be destroyed while ‘Strong Mad’ is in play. Also, when attacked, flip a coin. If heads, the attack fails.
A devious little...thing that somehow always gets away with it.

Strong Sad (1000/1000)
Extremely intelligent, but also extremely weak, insecure, pessimistic, out of shape, & depressing.
(Poetry Slam)

Coach Z (1900/1000)
Likes to rap, but has a thick accent that prevents him from being fully understood.
(Great Sports Play)

Bubs (2400/1500)
EF: Bring 1 magic card back from the graveyard. This effect can be used up to 5 times.
He’s part concession stand vendor, part handyman, & part dance-club god.
(Toolkit Groove)

King of Town (900/1000)
EF: “KoT” can instantly destroy 1 non-Machine with under 900 ATK when summoned, OR every card named “Hungry Burger” played while “KoT” is in play.
A gluttonous self-proclaimed monarch who no one actually listens to.

Poopsmith (1900/2500)
EF: Immune to direct damage from other monsters’ effects.
Took a vow of silence. Employed by the King of Town for undisclosed reasons.
(Sickening Shovel)

Homsar (2000/NA)
RIT: Can only be summoned by ‘Spelling Error’ and sacrifice of 1 monster.
EF: When attacked, flip 3 coins. All heads = Homsar wins. All tails = Homsar wins. 2 heads = opponent wins. 2 tails = both destroyed.
A bizarre being that claims to be a song from the 60s.

Stinko Man (2600/1700)
An anime character from 20X6 who, for some reason, has blue hair. GOTTA have the blue hair!
(Double Deuce)

Marshie (500/500)
The annoying mascot for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows.
(Tidal Wave of Marshalades)

Jerry (1100/1100)
EF: Can only be summoned by ‘Limozeen’.
Lead singer of the greatest hair metal band of all time.
(Metal Army)

Cheerleader (0/0)
EF: Can only be summoned by ‘Teen Girl Squad’.
A vacuous tramp filled with hot air and followed by fools.
(no attack)

Thnikkaman (500/1500)
EF: Can’t be destroyed for its first 3 turns after being summoned.
Bubs in sunglasses. Oh, the things that man does!
(Strut Slam)

Spelling Error (Ritual Magic)
Use this card to summon 'Homsar' by sacrificing any of your monster cards.

Moldy Bread (Effect Magic)
Choose 1 of your monsters to recieve 400 ATK.

Limozeen (Effect Magic)
Summons 'Jerry' & 3 sheep tokens. May be played without 'Jerry'.

Teen Girl Squad (Effect Magic)
Summons 'Cheerleader' & 3 sheep tokens. May NOT be played without 'Cheerleader'.

DELETED! (Effect Magic)
Destroys all sheep tokens and monsters with 0 DEF.

Strong Badia (Field Magic)
All Dark monsters recieve 200 ATK & 100 DEF.

Concession Stand (Field Magic)
All Earth monsters recieve 200 ATK & 100 DEF.

The Stick (Field Magic)
All Wind monsters recieve 200 ATK & 100 DEF.

Crazy Go Nuts University (Field Magic)
All Light monsters recieve 200 ATK & 100 DEF.

Tire (Equip Magic)
Equip 'The Cheat' with this card to raise its ATK by 500.

Percy the Plague Rat (Trap)
When your opponent’s monster attacks, equip it with this card. Every turn, the monster loses 400 ATK. When the monster’s ATK reaches 0, it & this card are destroyed.

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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Post by Dux is not you » Mon Sep 20, 2004 8:20 pm

Well, I supposed the Googlearian thing was fake on purpose, since it was so evident. But the first card (The sword the size of New Jersey) does talk about Fairy-Warriors.

Also, a monster cannot be Pyro AND Aqua at the same time.

But meh, who am I to say anything. Sorry, I just like to point out mistakes. You people just have fun.


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