Dream Wrestling Game

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Dream Wrestling Game


Post by MAtgSy » Sat Oct 29, 2005 5:11 am

1st of all, the game runs off of AKI’s famed VPW engine, the best game engine ever made for wrestling games.

Modes of Play
Exhibition: You should know what this is. & yes, titles can be defended here.
Season: No storylines here, just straight up rasslin’. You can play for a near indefinite number of years.
Championship: This is where the storylines are. It’s basically the same as Championship Mode from WWF No Mercy.
Online: All exhibition matches can be played online.
General Manager: You take over as boss of a promotion (either Raw, Smackdown, WCW, ECW or 1 you create yourself) where you can book shows, hire & fire superstars or start selling merchandise. You “win” by putting the other promotions out of business (you can still keep playing if you want afterwards).

1. Raw
GM: Vince McMahon
Ref: Mike Chioda
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
-Jerry Lawler
-Raw (Monday)
-Heat (Sunday)
-New Year’s Revolution
-King of the Ring
-Taboo Tuesday
-WWE Championship
-World Tag Team
-WWE Women’s
Default Roster:
-John Cena
-Chris Jericho
-Shelton Benjamin
-Val Venis
-Big Show
-Matt Stryker
-Kurt Angle
-Tyson Tomko
-Chris Masters
-Gene Snitky
-Rene Dupree
-Lance Cade
-Trevor Murdoch
-Rob Conway
-Trish Stratus
-Mickie James

2. Smackdown
GM: Teddy Long
Ref: Brian Hebner
Announcer: Howard Finkle
-Michael Cole
-Smackdown (Friday)
-Velocity (Saturday)
-Royal Rumble
-No Way Out
-Great American Bash
-No Mercy
-Survivor Series
-World Heavyweight
-WWE Tag Team
-Light heavyweight
Default Roster:
-Randy Orton
-Orlando Jordan
-Chris Beniot
-Al Snow
-Matt Hardy
-Doug Basham
-Paul London
-William Regal
-Scotty 2 Hotty
-Joey Mercury
-Johnny Nitro
-Hardcore Holly
-Big Vito
-Roddy Piper
-Bob Orton Jr.
-Jillian Hall
-Candice Michelle

3. WCW
GM: Eric Bishoff
Ref: Nick Patrick
Ring Announcer: Gene Oakland
-Tony Schiavone
-Bobby Heeman (Maybe)
-Nitro (Monday)
-Thunder (Wednesday)
-Bash at the Beach
-Super Brawl
-Halloween Havoc
-World War 3
-WCW Championship
-United States
-WCW Tag Team
Default Roster:
-Booker T
-Rey Mysterio
-Scott Steiner
-Hollywood Hogan
-Bret Hart
-Scott Hall
-Kevin Nash
-Ric Flair
-Chuck Palumbo
-Sean O’ Haire
-Billy Kidman
-Mike Awesome
-Diamond Dallas Page
-Disco Inferno
-Juventud Guerrera
-Dean Malenko
-Arn Anderson
-Ultimo Dragon
-Shannon Moore
-Rick Steiner
-Perry Saturn
-Lex Luger
-Torrie Wilson
-Stacy Kebiler

4. ECW
GM: Paul Heyman
Ref: Bill Alfonzo
-Joey Styles
-Paul Heyman
-ECW Wrestling (Friday)
-Anarchy Rulz
-November to Remember
-Barely Legal
-Hardcore Heaven
-Guilty as Charged
-Living Dangerously
-ECW World
-ECW Tag Team
-ECW Television
Default Roster:
-Bubba Ray Dudley
-Dvon Dudley
-Spike Dudley
-Tommy Dreamer
-Rob Vam Dam
-Terry Funk
-Stevie Richards
-Blue Meanie
-Little Guido
-Lance Storm
-Justin Credible
-Danny Doring
-Balls Mahoney
-Super Crazy
-Mikey Whipwreck
-Kid Kash
-Jerry Lyn
-Tony Mamaluke
-Dawn Marie

Cross-promotion PPVs (a chance to show the that your product is better than that of a promotion your not in a ratings war with):
-Great American Bash (Smackdown & WCW)
-Invasion (WCW & ECW)
-Wrestlemania (Raw & Smackdown)
-One Night Stand (Raw & ECW)

Free agents (replacing the concept of legends):
-Steve Austin
-Andre the Giant
-British Bulldog
-Ted DiBiase
-Brooklyn Brawler
-Any CAW

Create-A-Promotion (CAP)
The culmination of CAW, CAPPV, CAB & any other creation features to have shown up in wrestling games. The list of things you can do:
1. Name your Promotion
2. Name your weekly show (You start off with just 1. A second show will cost you a great deal of money)
3. What day of the week your show is on (This can be changed at any time while you play. Putting the show on the same night as a rival Promotion’s show will put you in a “ratings war”)
4. Create PPVs.
5. Create belts (will cost you for each one. If you’re a real cheapskate you could go without any belts but their needed to help you gain popularity)
6. Using the paint tool to create logos for your promotion & shows
7. Create an Arena. Decide rope colors, stage props, etc..
8. Hiring the Promotion’s default superstars (CAWs are cheaper, but established superstars on the other shows bring in better ratings ticket sales)

Create-A-Superstar (inexplicably called CAW for short) features
1. All clothing options ever featured in past games are here plus lots of new ones.
2. Paint tool for creating logos/textures.
3. Create-A-Entrance complete with the option to import music & video from a memory stick as well as a Create-A-Titantron.
4. You can create as many wrestlers as you can fit on a memory card/hard drive.
5. Stable/Tag Team creation is in as always.
6. Attire options include Match, Entrance, Cut scene & B&P (So female CAWs can actually be in Bra & Panties matches)
7. Use the Eye Toy or similar device to photograph your face on a CAW.

Exhibition matches
-Tag Team
-Triple Threat
-Fatal 4-way
-5-8 Man battle royale
-6 man tag
-8 man tag

Each of these basic matches will have most of the following variations:
-W/ Managers
-Bra & Panties
-Steel Cage
-Guest Ref
-Hell in a Cell
-3 Stages of Hell
-First Blood
-Buried alive
-Bullrope match
-_____ on a Pole match (Why? Why Not?)
-Street Fight
-Last Man Standing
-I Quit

Special matches include:
-Elimination Chamber
-War Games
-Royal Rumble
-World War 3 (No, I don’t know how this will be pulled off yet)

Online Play
1. All exhibition matches available.
2. You can play unranked matches if you don’t want to worry about your online rankings
3. Up to 8 players with way too much free time on their hands can compete in an online GM mode game.
4. Fully supports voice chat.

Ways to make money outside of GM mode
1. Win matches in Season.
2. Complete Championship paths.
3. Eliminate people in Slobber Knocker.
4. Win official online tournaments.

-Brass Knuckles
-Fire Extinguisher
-Cookie Sheet
-Championship Belt
-Trash Can
-TV set
-Leather Strap

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What type of controls would it use?
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