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Fantasy Pinball


Post by Cysma » Sun Aug 07, 2005 10:08 pm

This is an idea I came up with, which is, as the title suggests, a Pinball Adventure in a fantasy setting. I've thought it through, and it goes something like this:

In a world not unlike ours, but also unique, the elements were controlled and balanced by 4 mystical crystals.

Keeping Fire, Water, Earth, and Air in perfect harmony, the crystals were protected by the people of this world, hoping that they can keep the peace.

But nothing in the training of these loyal guardians would have prepared them for what would happen next...

An army of darkness came forth and slaughtered the protectors as well as everything else in their way. This empire claimed the crystals as their own.

Drawing from the crystal's powers, the empire's powerful leader created his own Dark crystal for him to govern the elements as he pleased.

The other crystals shattered from the influence of the dark one. The world fell into a state of utter chaos and despair.

The Emperor of Darkness did not care for the people of the world as they suffered. Desperate, many brave heroes tried to restore the original 4 crystals, but all had failed and fallen to the wrath of the Dark Guardians, beasts that were created to prevent the shards of the crystals from ever being reunited.

All hope was lost...

...But one day, a youth had emerged carrying a strange spherical relic. The common people of the world were ecstastic, for a prophecy had been foretold of a warrior wielding the mystical Silver Orb that would deliver the world from darkness.

But does this young hero even know how to control the legendary weapon? It has the potential to destroy the forces of darkness single-handedly, but only the wielder will choose its fate.

The neophyte warrior began a journey to recover the crystals of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, one shard at a time, and fight off the oppressing forces of the dark empire...


Arcade Mode
A classic game of pinball. Choose a table to play on and you'll get three balls to rack up a high score. There is one board each for the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, but two more for each one can be unlocked by playing through...

Quest Mode
Gameplay is like that of Arcade, but your goal is to complete the necessary objectives and collect the crystal shards. Each crystal was split into 10 pieces. You'll find 3 on each table of its kind, and the boss (Dark Guardian) has the last one. You can only play on the first board at first, but the following will occur when you get these amounts of shards for a particular crystal:

1: The second table in the set becomes available.
3: The third and final table is unlocked.
6: The boss room becomes accessible.
10: The crystal is entirely restored.

The tables themselves are being patrolled by the imperial army. You may have to battle them to proceed. On one board of each set you'll face off against the leader of that division of the army for one crystal shard. They are General Geor, Admiral Aquant, Commander Coronan, and Captain Cumulous. You can guess who is after which crystal.

When all 4 crystals are put back together, the table of the Dark Empire becomes available. Complete the objectives there to reach the final boss.

Trial Mode
Compete on any board to either reach a certain score in record time or get as high a score as possible in the alloted time. You have infinite balls in this mode, but losing one will cost you precious time and points.

Versus Mode
Various minigames to play with other players, such as a ping pong type game with pinball flippers, hitting targets to collect coins, and others.

There are also several unlockables in the game, including two hidden tables: one of which is a graphically updated replica of the pinball table in the NES game simply titled, "Pinball".

That's all for now. Tell me what you think. Later, I'll get to the tables, bosses, and unlockables.


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