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Glyph Phoenix's idea thread


Post by Glyph Phoenix » Thu Jun 30, 2005 6:59 am

The reason I'm making one thread for just my game ideas is because I need somewhere to put them. I considered just typing them up on Word, but it'd feel weird when I realize nobody but me is actually seeing them. (As opposed to the 3, even 4 people at VGF who might see.)

So this is it. I'm just going to be tossing occasional game ideas in here. Because otherwise I'll forget them and I often have really nice game ideas that I'd like to remember.

Like a comedy RPG where your characters classes and attacks are related to ridiculous non-battle jobs.

Your three main characters would have the classes Book Wizard, Battle Artist, and Battle Chef.

Each class has a number of sub-classes. The Book Wizard would have things like Battle Author,
Encyclopediac, and Syllable Mage

Battle Artist would have Red Artist, Green artist, and Blue Artist and have summons and such with random color relation.

Battle Chef would have classes like Toast Dancer or Pastry Warrior or Skillet Smasher.

And summons would be based on bits you collect. A Skillet Smasher with 2 summoning bits could summon Game and Watch guy to flip strange black meats at your opponent with his skillet. Then you would upgrade to a summon called "Burger time", where you'd assault your opponent with pixelated hamburgers.

And the elemental weaknesses would all be stupid as well. The Encyclopediac's attacks would annihilate stupid type monsters, while the Syllable Mage's dictionary attacks would work well against 1337 enemies. And all chilly monsters would fall against the mighty Toast Dancer.

But this idea used to be far more complex, and not quite so stupid. I have begun to forget already. And that's what this thread is here for.

And for a slightly more serious game there is "Eternal Spotlight". You play as this paintlike character whose land exists on the side of a big theatre. It is in danger of being demolished to make room for other forms of entertainment. I guess this town's not big enough for two art forms, pilgrim.

To stop the repainting of your world, you have to take down the boss of all of these other worlds. You'd have to defeat the evil Puppetmaster and his henchmen, the devious yet hilarious Ringleader and the circus he's trying to move in in your space, and, foe of foes, The Director, determined to use his mediocre TV station to bring you down and move in by using crummy special effects to distract you.

Your paintlike character can slide through cracks in things because of his thin layering and by bending sideways he can effectively duck. Using his papery spins will be the key to many puzzles. But being magic paint is not always a good thing. Through the magic of CTRL + C he can be pasted into crappy paint comic areas and loaded into video games where he'll be assaulted with poorly pixelated aliens.

The character is his own life meter, the more sludge you gather, the closer you will be to destruction. Mechanical levels will have oil at the bottom to be your destruction, and on levels without dangerous sludges your popularity meter can be your downfall.

It's one of the things that should really make this game different. The popularity meter is at the bottom of the screen. I've been thinking of tying the comedy/tragedy masks into this meter, but I'm not exactly sure how.

Anyway, the popularity meter changes depending on how poorly or how well you do things. Depending on how well you do, the audience (which appears as black silouettes in the foreground) will help or hurt you.

It's not just a matter of avoiding hits and taking out enemies, it's a matter of doing it with style. If you don't please the crowd, they'll eventually start throwing tomatoes at you. Now, these things are lethal on a direct hit, and indirectly they are still pretty bad. Because tomatoes can be really damaging to paint.

But if you make the crowd start to like you, they'll start throwing flowers at you. Sometimes enemies will drop them, too. When you get the hero treatment from roses you'll start to shine, and you'll replenish sludge damage.

During certain boss fights the crowd will throw special flowers at you. These will give you energy and you can use a projectile paint attack on the boss. The problem is that they are hard to catch and fly into the background so you have to catch them in midair. This is tricky. On some bosses you'll have to catch the flower only at certain heights so you'll end up smashing the boss with your attack.

One important thing to understand about the control here is that you only have 4 keys to work with. Up is jump, Right is right, Left is left, and Down is duck.

But special combinations of these keys are important. If you press Left plus Right, you'll go flat so you can fit through cracks in the floor or ceiling. When you let go, you'll spin back to your regular position. Also, when turning, you do a sort of spin. Using these you can knock away enemies.

Pressing the same left/right direction twice will have you jet into enemies. This is kinda hard to do and is dangerous if you are fighting a strong enemy who won't be stunned by your attack, but it can be your best friend in a game like this where your attacks are weak.

Considering your weak forms of attack, props are very important. By spinning you can knock items in the foreground and background at enemies. By ducking you can get yourself stuck on objects you are standing on. By holding down and jumping, you can push unsteady platforms and pull up poor stage flooring.

This may not seem terribly useful, but it has its purposes. There are giant shoes you can find in the Puppet stages that you can use as long as you are holding down. They are similar to Kuribo's Shoe in SMB3, and they can get you across dangerous sludges.

If you press up twice fast you'll flip upside-down and damage enemies above you.

And then there are "Spotlight Pads" that you can do combos on to get boosts to your popularity meter. You have to do as many stunts as you can (Double up flips and spins) in order to make the crowd give you the most flowers.

These two certainly aren't the only ideas I have and as soon as my fingers heal from writing this one out I'll post more.

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Post by Mikhail Gorbachev » Mon Aug 29, 2005 3:55 pm

Hmmm... I like those ideas. If they were games, I'd buy them.

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Post by X-3 » Mon Aug 29, 2005 4:32 pm

In the name of Justice, how was this topic not getting any replies until today!? :mad: Tell me people!

Great ideas Glyph. The first idea was awesome, and the second one should be a game. NOW.

I wonder what the other ideas are... I'm sure they are just as good! ;)

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Post by Glyph Phoenix » Fri Sep 16, 2005 7:35 pm

Well, with the two replies reminding me this thread exists, I planned on making an update. I didn't because my current idea just may become reality; I've been brushing up on my programming skills so Game World can actually be created sometime in the future.

I guess I'll tell the story of The Lost Mythology. I wasn't going to tell my story because I thought I might actually get around to making this into something, but it's just too generic. If you read on you'll notice that a lot of the story elements sound like they're taken straight out of other RPGs.

Don't get me wrong, I thought the idea was new at the time, but I was much younger then.

There's one world. It's a lot like Earth. I guess it could be Earth, but from the distant future. Or the ancient past. But that is neither here nor there.

Anyway, the people in it are divided between Magic and Technology. (Reeeeal original, Glyph...) The people of Technos want to build on technology to shape their own futures, and are so damn sick of the unpredictable effects of magic on their precious, precious work. The people of Magice dispise the way technology damages the environment and want to kick those stuck-up new age jerks out of their world.

A continent was devoted to Magic and a continent was devoted to technology. At least, that's what the people liked to think, but as you'll soon learn, that's not *exactly* true.

War was imminent. People were being forced to choose sides, people were being unjustly treated on both. So a plan that both would agree on was devised.

They'd split the worlds. The magical continent and the technological one would be sent into different dimensions and neither would ever have to deal with the other again. Naturally, this was not without its flaws. Families were broken up, people were killed for wanting to change sides.

The gears were set in motion, an expression you now could be killed for saying on the magical continent. Ironically, the greatest assembly of magic and technology was organized for the sole purpose of separating the two forever. Below each continent, a generator was built that required the power of both to keep working.

Between the two continents, a massive barrier of towers, not more than a mile between each, was constructed. Each one was filled with magical and technological energy and each would sink into the ocean forever after the great divide was accomplished. The loss of resources would be great, but many of the people on both sides were so wrapped up in this petty struggle that they did not care.

The towers all lit up and the generators began working. The continents rose up into the sky and began to drift into different planes of existance at the same time. Where there was a vast land there was now ocean.

The continents now existed each in their own dimension, isolated in the unknown ether away from all other worlds. The generators provided gravity. But that was not all they provided.

For thousands of years, the generators of magic and technology worked to keep together the now self-sufficiant continents. They were marvelous inventions indeed. They magically generated water for the people and light for the crops, while the technology regulated it all. They were now the last combined inventions the world would see for millenia.

People forgot. Technology was simply thrown out as rubbish in Magice. They knew they weren't supposed to improve anything that wasn't their control over the elements. They just could not remember why. They knew their continent was floating. They just figured it had always been floating.

A similar event happened in Technos. Magic was there what it is to us: a wives' tale, a joke, a parlor trick. No real magic existed there. Or at least, it dared not to exist. Any secretly magical organizations were crushed under the heel of the goverment.

The history books would have people think that only two continents existed. There was a small island connected by chains to Technos. It had its own generator, but it was smaller than most cities. When brought up it was usually glossed over as "a small oversight on the part of the history books", or "an undocumented prototype of the machines that lifted the continent years ago". Then a day came when the island disappeared. Then when brought up the response was, "What island?"

The island belonged to a small company called the Izakura corporation. It was building androids. They were more lifelike than regular robots and they were able to learn and reroute patterns so they became stronger as they performed tasks, just like people did. It was no gimmick, either. With sufficiant training one of the androids could outperform any other robot at any other task.

Magic was suspected to be the source of the robots' abilities, so the company lost the legal right to pay its employees. The company was effectively shut down, and the island abandoned save for its founder, Dr. Edward Izakura, who had a home there.

The doctor went a little crazy after his company was shut down. With his money depleted his wife left him and his days were spent working on one final model of android alone on his little island. The doctor tried to make the android into the son he never had.

The island was then attacked. The small piece of land was blasted away by a powerful shock to its surface. The doctor did not make it off of the island alive, but instead gave the last escape vehicle to the android.

Making it to the main continent with nothing but his wits, the human-disguised machine was taken in by a local librarian in exchange for help preserving one of the last physical history resource: all the others had fallen into ruin in favor of electronic multimedia.

Unbeknownst to the people, the generators were failing. Without magic in the technological world, the magical core of the generator was soon to fail. And without technological maintenance, the generators of Magice were sure to fail as well.

Forces sought to complete the process and destroy both worlds. The first was a group of mages called the Black Death. They created a rift between the two worlds where they plotted the destruction of both.

They planned on destroying Technos by removing the few magical ties between the two worlds. Magical energy would fail the generator. If the entire land was not destroyed by crashing into another rock (it no longer remained aloft with the generator's power), the lack of water, light, and gravity would destroy it slowly.

Once Technos was gone, Magice would either fall right then with the shock of Technos' magical tether breaking, or its destruction would occur years after when none were wise enough to keep the generator together.

Black Death was not successful. It was destroyed soon after it was created by a new organization called Simetra, which usurped its resources. With now the magical power of Black death and its own technological power on its side, both worlds were in more danger than ever.

Will continue later. Probably.


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