My new Conker game idea

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My new Conker game idea


Post by Thunder10 » Mon Apr 11, 2005 7:27 pm

If they were to make a sequel to BFD/L&R, what would you want in it? Here's my list:

An overworld (GTA style, but with loading areas so it isn't choppy)
Good supply of comical weapons (Like in BFD multiplayer)
Double uzzies, throwing knives, chainsaw, katana, baseball bat, and frying pan (You already have it), there are also humor weapons like baby dinosaurs and piles of crap
Conker style platforming, so it isn't a GTA rip off
Newer Matrix spoofs, it'd be great seeing Conker get on a pole and smack people around! XD
DMC (Devil May Cry) spoofs
Using a Katana
More weapons, I don't want to stick with one
Explorability, I want to roam free in Conker's world. They could still do chapters, but I want to be able to into other parts of the game that I've been to before I start another chapter
Multiplayer, I want BFD type multiplayer
No more wars
Good graphics (L&R good)
Being able to pick if you're good or evil (Not evil, but more like 'naughty'). Some ways they could do this is like, to be good, you'll be helping your friends, not hurting civilians, and not starting bar fights. Things to do to be naughty are peeing on people (XD), hurting people, destroying things, starting bar fights, ect. I think this would add alot to Conker. I don't want it to be like Fable where you'll be killing people and destroying the world, but it would be funny stuff.
More adult humor. I didn't like all the crappy fart jokes in BFD. Sure the great mighty poo was funny, but things like cows crapping, mouses farting and blowing up, is childish. They can keep it, but it was weird.
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Post by I'm not saying lets just say I'm really named Link » Tue Apr 12, 2005 11:26 am

And peeing on people isn't childish? Don't know if I like the idea of being naughty or nice. Sounds too Fable/KOTOR/Jade Empire-ish to me. I know you're saying not on that scale, but it's still too close to it for my tastes. Just doesn't seem very Conker-ish.

What you've got are interesting, but I don't really think they fit. The formula for how Conker runs fits for me. Though I do wish they hadn't done some of the changes to BFD they did for Live and Reloaded. Having the option for the new Live-style multiplayer as well as the original multiplayer seen on the N64 is a good idea.


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