Worst Made-Up Video Game Ideas? 2

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Post by celebi134 » Fri Aug 26, 2005 12:27 pm

(Actually, about Barbie RPG by Square-Enix... Think about it, Super Mario RPG: LotSS, a Tom Sawyer RPG for the Famicon, Kingdom Hearts... Squaresoft is every gaming company's prostitute)
Escalator (sp?) Land
Yaaaaaay! It's Escalator Land! Where is the rides? This IS the ride! YIPPEEEEEEE!!
.... come on, they made a Universal theme park game, for god's sake.

Rated YGYG for Y-O-U-R-E G-A-Y, YOU'RE GAY!!
Celebi 134's magical adevntures
Riiiiiiiight, like anyone would buy that.

Rated S for Sucks
Micheal Jackson's magical adventures
NOW we have a game Xp

Rated M for Molester
Iron Chef RPG by Squaresoft
The head chef has gone missing! Now collect your ingreidents and win cookoffs while piecing together the mystery!... WHAT THE HELL WAS GAMEPRO THINKING ON APRIL FOOL'S DAY, 2002?!?!

Rated GPJ for GamePro Joke

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