Rhasa's Call to Arms and Adventure

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Rhasa's Call to Arms and Adventure


Post by [sage] » Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:45 am

Name: Rhasa Jang
Age: 26
Sex: M
Bio: A lethal assassin, payed top dollar to murder without prejudice. It pays well and he is very skilled at it, but doing so has made him have to live in the shadows. He enjoyed it, even thought of it as a game early in the career, but he has made far too much of a name and shed too much tainted blood to continue. He has abandoned his birth name, preferring to go by this alias, hoping to achieve a new life registered in the League, and make enough money to retire early.

HP: 50
MP: 20
Body: 11
Mind: 7
Reflex: 16
Will: 10
Presence: 6

Combat Abilities
Ambidextrous (10 AP) Fighting Style

Afterimage (10 AP) Manuever
Moves at an incredible speed, so that he appears as if he is teleporting, however it can only allow him to move very short distances.

Disarm (10 AP) - Manuever
Takes away something from the opponent while engaged in melee combat.

Assassinate (5AP) - Manuever
Assuming he can properly study a target for a while without being discovered, he can attempt to dispose of them instantaneously.

Adventuring Skills:
Track (5AP)
Shadow Veil (5AP) Hide in Shadows, even in plainsight.
Stealth (10AP)

Magic Powers:
Ghost Step (20AP) - 5MP.

Activation: Concentrated Action.
Duration: 1 minute per 10AP. Attacking dispels the invisibility.
Effect: Veils himself in a shadow which allows him to become perfectly invisible.

Enter Nirvana (20 AP) - X MP
Activation: Quick-casting or Pre-casting.
Duration: 1 round per 10AP.
Effect: Gives Rhasa glimpses of the enemy's actions, and adds WP + 1/2MP spent to Defense rolls, if quick cast, or to Defense rolls and Initative, if pre-cast.

Shortsword: A light but fast weapon, good for making stabbing attacks in close range, or for deflecting enemy's melee attacks.
Shortsword: A light but fast weapon, good for making stabbing attacks in close range, or for deflecting enemy's melee attacks.
Cloth Armor: Provides minimal protection against all types of attacks.
Coin Pouch: 100gp.

Satisfied with the costs or do you want to change your HP/MP total? I'll post your situation once you decide.
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Post by SephirothKirby » Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:10 pm

I'm content.


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