Tournament of Legacy

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Tournament of Legacy


Post by SephirothKirby » Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:16 pm

Through your own means, you have encountered the legendary city of Siria, infamous for a deadly arena. Yes, people from around the world have indeed at least heard the name uttered, although what goes on here may be another story. Annually there is a large tournament, incredibly large, in fact, to which many have died unfortunate deaths. It isn't meant to be brutal, but one would almost have to forsake his humanity to climb up the ranks.

The people seem friendly enough, and despite the cultural diversity due to so many people striving to join, people tend to put aside any prejudice and save it for the heat of battle. Maybe you came here to compete in the annual Fighter's tournament. Maybe you didn't, just stopping by. But who could refuse such a prize? A single wish, powerful enough to grant anyone's needs. How delightful.

You are to participate in this tournament, rising through the ranks, exploring the history of it, and meeting interesting other people who have their own motivation to have their wish granted.


---{Your character can be any relatively humanoid race}



-Body (Strength, Agility, Fortitude)
-Mind (Intelligence, Wisdom, Psychic Abilities)
-Soul (Willpower, Charisma, Luck, Nature Abilities)
---{All stats start at 1. Costs 10 points to improve a stat by 1. They can't go beyond 7.}


These represent your extensive training and experience in a particular field. A character does not need to have any Skills, but they can be very useful during adventures, and are a good way to distinguish the character.

These are less flashy things, practical abilities, like "Climb", "Disguise", "Intimidation", "Medicine", "Poisons", "Sleight of Hand", etc.

Lvl 1 : 3 (Beginner)
Lvl 2 : 5 (Apprentice)
Lvl 3 : 8 (Knowledgeable)
Lvl 4 : 12 (Experienced)
Lvl 5 : 17 (Expert)
Lvl 6 : 23 (Mastery)


These represent innate talents, racial traits, magical spells, psychic abilities, or superpowers. Abilities may be assigned to equipment or companions to create personal gear and pets/familiars

They can be from a multitude of sources, such as Divine, Magical, Mutation, Natural, Psychic, Skilled, Supernatural, or Technological.

These are things that are superhuman powers like "Armor Skin", "Companion", "Flight", "Force Field", "Telepathy", "Waterwalk", etc. They also represent Special Attacks you have. You don't need to be so specific with your techniques, ie, rather than "Fireball" you can just have "Fire Magic". Magical domains such as the aforementioned cost 1.5x (rounded down) to level. Control over Primal domains (Life, Death, Time, etc) cost x3 to level.

Abilities range from Level 1 to 6.

Lvl 1 : 5 (Beginner)
Lvl 2 : 9 (Apprentice)
Lvl 3 : 14 (Knowledgeable)
Lvl 4 : 20 (Experienced)
Lvl 5 : 27 (Expert)
Lvl 6 : 35 (Mastery)

(Certain abilities may cost more or less than this, but I have no way of governing everything until it's already said and done)


Defects are disadvantages through which your character must suffer in order to overcome the hardships of day-today life. They only impede your character to a limited extent and are not intended to totally negate his or her many abilities. Things like being wanted, a bad reputation, a weakness to a certain attack, or a phobia make a defect.

I can't structure this as much, but you are limited to taking 3 ranks in a defect, which will give you +2, +4, or +6 points.


In this game, weapons aren't too different, you get full customization, the only real difference inherently is melee or ranged.

Abilities with multiple numbers can be ranked multiple times. They must make sense with your weapon. You are welcome to just ask for whatever you'd like rather than sift through this poorly organized list, and I can tell you what it would do and how much it would cost to do so.

Accurate (2/4/6) : +1 Accuracy/rank
Autofire (6) : Attack again if you roll high enough
Blight (2/4/6/8/10) : x2 Damage if opponent fails Save (based on Body)
Drain (2/4/6) : Choose Body/Mind/Soul. Successful attack reduces that stat temporarily by 1/rank.
Blind (2/4/6) : -1 Accuracy/rank if opponent fails Save (Body)
Flexible (2/4/6) : Allows disarming and tripping at -3/2/1 Accuracy, Defends at -3/2/1 success.
Incurable (2/4/6) : Unhealable by Healing/Regeneration / 50% lower Natural Recovery / Only healable by some supernatural method declared upon creation
Linked (2) : If this weapon hits, another item you own with "Linked" automatically hits.
Muscle (2) : Thrown weapons and Melee Weapons get +1 Damage Modifier
Penetrating (2/4/6/8/10) : Reduces 4 points of Regular Armor/rank
Piercing (2/4/6/8/10) : Reduces 4 points of Magical/Supernatural Armor/rank
Psychic (12) : Attack is mental, bypasses most Armor
Reach (2) : Weapon is 5-10 feet longer than a traditional (Sword/Axe) weapon.
Selective (2) : Can only hurt who you specify.
Spreading (2/4/6) : Makes your weapon cover a cone of area.
Stun (2) : Deals nonlethal Stun damage which cannot kill, and is recovered at a rate of (Body)/30 minutes
Tangle (2/4/6) : Traps opponent in ice/web/vines, movement/range penalty.
Targeted (2/4/6) : +1 Damage Modifier to Person / Uncommon race / Common Non-Human Race
Trap (2/4/6) : Hidden weapon such as a mine. Rank = Undetectability.
Undetectable (6) : The attack's source or identity is much harder to determine
Vampiric (4/ 8) : Damage heals 1/2 / Damage heals equally
Contagion (2/4/6) : Target gives condition(s) to other things it touches.

Area : Costs 2 per rank. Increases the radius your weapon affects.
Range : Costs 2 per rank. Increases the range of your Weapon.
Targets: Costs 2 per rank. Increases the number of people you can target by 1.


Your Armor's HP/Armor Rating is equal to the points you put into it and otherwise is treated as a "Full Set" of whatever material you decree it.

It can have abilities just as you can, but all abilities your armor has cost 1/2 as much. They do not actually give you the abilities, so you may feel more inclined to make them resistances.


Damage is dealt in the form of (Weapon Attribute x Damage Modifier) + Attack - opponent's Armor Rating.

You can Defend against any number of attacks per turn, but take a penalty for each additional attack after the first. Defending isn't reducing the damage, but rather trying to evade it entirely.

If you take damage equal to or greater than your Stun, you make a moderately difficult Soul check. If you fail that, you make an incredibly difficult Soul check. If you fail that, you are stunned. You let go of anything held, and it takes your turn to become unstunned.

Energy is a combination of Stamina, Magic, and Divine Luck. While it pertains to fatigue and exhaustion, it is also used for Magic.

Attack: B + M + S /3 (+2 per appropriate ability)
Defense: B + M + S /3 (+2 per appropriate ability)
Damage Multiplier: 5 (+1 per appropriate ability)
Health: B + S x 5
Energy: M + S x 5
Stun: HP / 5


I will have to put things into my terms when you're done, and you can confirm or deny if it's correct.

(I'm going to assume I forgot something or misworded something, so just jump my case and I'll get on it tomorrow)

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Post by SephirothKirby » Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:12 am

Well, hey, if anyone has any problems with the system it can be discussed.

:/ or did everyone die?

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Post by [sage] » Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:14 pm

Every time I get motivated to start posting here again I lose my motivation when I remember just how dead this forum is now. RPGS just aren't worth it at the pace this forum moves. Even KB's basically given up on it and he's the mod. Oh well, I'll join it I guess.

Name: Kira
Age: 26
Sex: M
Biography: Kira has always been a selfish wizard, using his powers to steal and get ahead. He's accumulated a lot of debt and enemies with his massive gambling addiction and stunts to steal things. He hopes to achieve immortality by winning the tournament and gaining the wish. He values his

Description: A wizard of short stature, Kira usually wears a large cloak over ordinary clothing. He doesn't like the typical wizard robes. He carries a wizard's staff with a ruby embedded on the top as his only weapon.
---{Your character can be any relatively humanoid race}

-Body (Strength, Agility, Fortitude) 1
-Mind (Intelligence, Wisdom, Psychic Abilities) 4
-Soul (Willpower, Charisma, Luck, Nature Abilities) 4


Illusion Magic Lv 3(Kira can create illusions to affect his opponents.

Geomancy Lv 4 (Kira gains control over the elements and terrain that he's presently surrounded by)

Bonding Lv 2 (Kira possesses a spell which bonds him with animals, summoned creatures and items of power he comes into contact with. This causes the item to "belong" to him. From that point on, he can summon them to his side, mentally communicate (for animals or creatures) or store them in a pocket dimension whenever he wishes. He is currently bonded to bloodlust. (If that's ok, I'd like to set Soul x the Level of Mastery as the number of things he can bond with).

(Certain abilities may cost more or less than this, but I have no way of governing everything until it's already said and done)

Enemies +6
Debt + 6
Compulsive Gambler +6
Poor close-combat fighter +6

Bloodlust (Magic Staff)

Psychic: Attack is mental, bypasses most Armor
Vampiric (Full Heal)
Range: 2

Total slaughter, total slaughter. I won\'t leave a single man alive. La de da de die, genocide. La de da de dud, an ocean of blood. Let\'s begin the killing time.

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Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:30 am

I was going for something completely different, but whatever. My character's a circus performer or something now, lets just run with it. Also though the abilities are done somewhat tauntingly I don't have any problems with that. <_<;

Name: Ardell Zeraine
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Biography: A magician and performer who controls spirits in order to entertain people. Wanting to be famous throughout the world he joined the tournament; hoping to show off his skills on a larger stage. It wasn't until later however that he learned it was a fighting tournament, forcing him to retrain his abilities to be used in combat.

Description: Somewhat small; though doesn't look particulary weak physically. Wears flashy and somewhat expensive looking clothes, though they've been changed to allow him to perform his tricks more easily. Over those he wears a cloak / cape that is more or less the same as the rest of his clothes in design.

Statistics (50)
- Body : 3
- Mind : 1
- Soul : 4

Skills (23pts)
Acrobatics (Lv3)
Sleight of Hand (Lv2)
Juggling (Lv2)
Knife-throwing (Lv2)

Abilities (27pts) (Hey, if you can do it every RPG I can do it this once. :p )
IV The Emperor (Lv2) - A thunder spirit; on its own can create or amplify sounds. Ardell can give it power to strengthen it, causing it to use a lightning-based attack over an area with a higher chance to stun. After this is used it cannot be used again until several turns / minutes pass.

VII The Chariot (Lv2)- A wind spirit; on its own it can very slightly manipulate the wind. Ardell can give it power to strengthen it for 2 purposes. Either to have it aid him in movement / dodging (as well as adding a bit of power/range to attacks) for several turns/minutes or to perform a powerful wind-based attack on a single target. After either of those abilities are used this cannot be used again until several minutes /turns pass.

XVII The Star (Lv2)- A light-manipulating spirit; on its own it can provide a dim light and not much else. Ardell can give it power to strengthen it; causing it to absorb light from the surrounding area and release it as a single beam of light for several minutes / turns / whatever. Causes the entire field to be dark except around where the beam is; if the beam is aimed at someone they're somewhat blinded. Can be aimed at will by Ardell during his turn. After this is used it cannot be used again until several minutes / turns pass.

Defects (+10 pts)
Foolish (+4) (...You know, if the fact I have a microphone and spotlight as abilities didn't make that obvious enough)
Cowardly(+2) (Well, he showed up at least, so its not that bad)
Entertainer (+4) (When in front of a crowd he has to try to put on a show. ...Unless the fight is bad enough that continuing to not be serious about it would probably lead to death)

Weapons (30pts)
Throwing Knives (Range: 6pts) (Accuracy: 6pts) (Piercing: 6pts) (Penetrating: 6pts) (Selective: 2pts) (Muscle: 2pts) (Targets: 2pts)



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