Guardian Griff

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Guardian Griff


Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:00 am

Name: Griff
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dirty-blonde hair with green eyes, Griff is about 5'5" and weighs 115lbs. He is usually wearing his former high school`s, sweatshirt along with matching sweatpants.

Bio: Griff had an average life at school, but after the cataclysm, he began to practice swordplay, he got very good and lived alone for a long while until one day he met a traveler while hunting. Griff, excited to once again see other humans, asked if he could join the Gaurdians. He was accepted and now works as a freelancer. He is always willing to go out and do something for someone, in fact Griff can hardly sit still for more than five minutes, and is always eager.


-Swordplay: All attacks with a sword are more effective (higher chance to make critical hits, less chance to miss).
-Swimmer: Exellent swimmer.
-Theif: Good at stealing, pickpocketing, etc.
-Social: Can talk to just about anyone.

-Flames: Creates a fireball that can be controlled for several minutes. At any time it can be used to attack an enemy; inflicts 40 damage on a normal hit and will set the target on fire. Costs 1 magic to use.

Equipment: (Total Weight: 15)
Iron Sword
Iron Sheild
Chainmail Armor
Leather Boots

FirstAid Kit x2
Repair Kit
Rations x50

You walk into the main base of the Guardians, returning from a simple mission. The base itself is made up of several old city buildings that were more or less spared from the destruction that hit most of the world, and outside of those they built up a decent wall from the debris to keep out danger. The Guardians work out of here, though for the most part it is mostly to shelter and protect the people they rescue and bring back here.

There are plenty of people walking around and even more standing guard looking around. The leaders of the Guardians and the supplies they keep are mostly kept within the largest building here. If you want to get a mission you should talk to one of the leaders.

What will you do?

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Post by Random User » Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:47 pm

Go find a leader for a mission.

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Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:19 pm

Vacation / No internet / plain laziness; Sorry for ignoring everything.

You head into the building and look around for one of the base leaders. You soon find one of them, a young woman named Tiana Latolle and approach her, asking about what you could do.

"You want a mission?" She thinks for a second. "Well, later today there's an exploration of the city for survivors or supplies we could use; I doubt more people tagging along would be too much of a problem, so I could add you to that if you want. Plus a while ago we found some monsters lurking around the city to the west; not sure when we're planning to do it, but I'm sure we'll be sending some people to eliminate them sometime soon before they become a problem. You could tag along with that too if you want. Either of those seem good?"


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