Gates of Eternity

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Gates of Eternity


Post by [sage] » Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:55 am

Over the years, the lines between dimensions have blurred, with gates to other dimensions appearing. This usually leads to bizarre circumstances, from a person being transported to an alien world, a different time, or something being transported from the other side. Some gates connect two locales on the same world, while others are one way. A few are stable, most are not.

You play pretty much anyone you want to, from any time period, genre or whatever. This is a game of exploration. You can do whatever you feel like, and can set up your situation however you want to.



Home World: Pick a type of homeworld and time period. Give it however much detail you want to, but give me an idea that I can work with.

Description/Bio: Flesh out who your character is and what they were like. Again, give as much detail as you want to. Preferably things that can add a little conflict that matters to your character.

Current Situation: What's your character doing at the start of the game.

Talents: There are five talents. Each of these is rated from 0-20. You get 60 points to split between them.

Agility: Your character's Speed, quickness, coordination and reflexes.
Guts: Your characters strength and toughness.
Mind: Your character's intelligence, reasoning and perception.
Presence: Your character's social abilities and influence.
Spirit: Your character's magical power and resistance.

Abilities: You have 10 Ability Points. An ability is anything you're good at. You can put from 1 to 4 points into an ability. Pick abilities suitable towards your home world, although if you're already a dimensional traveller, you can learn dimensional abilities that you might not learn from another place. You may also use these points to purchas magical abilities.

Resources: You have 10 Resource Points. You can trade it for equipment, shelter or whatever you want to. The more RP you spend on any one thing, the better it is. You can use a single RP to buy a lot of small equipment or basic equipment if you wish. Magical equipment may be purchased as well. I'm letting you make this up however you wish. The only rule is the more spent, the better whatever it is you get.

Any left over Resource points is treated as the currency of whatever world you start on.
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Post by Random User » Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:52 am

Name: Zeno
Age: 25
Sex: Male

Home World: Zeno is from legendary Troy, before the Trojan War in ancient Greece.

Bio: Zeno is a Trojan warrior whose best intrests was respect. He trained hard every day but always seemed to never be able to get one thought out of his head. That was Immortality. He constantly asked himself, "What`s the point of living if your going to be killed and forgotten ages later, how could I make a name for myself to go down in history, like the great King Priam?". Nevertheless, he trained as hard as he could every day, ready to serve Priam.

Current Situation: Zeno had been sent to patrol on Mount Ida one day alone. He was hot and tired and began to daydream of being a great warrior who saved Troy from Spartans...

Agility: 10
Guts: 15
Mind: 20
Presence: 10
Spirit: 5

Swordplay: 4
Tactical: 4
Archery: 2

Resource Points:
Bronze Chestplate - 3RP
Bronze Helm - 2RP
Bronze Longsword - 3RP
Rucksack - 1RP

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Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:56 am

Kieran Vivec

Homeworld - Basic fantasy setting I guess; do whatever you want really. <_<

Description / Bio - Kieran was a gifted magician with a strong desire for power. As time went by his desire for power led him to study forbidden magic and do everything in his power in order to obtain more powerful spells. He is somewhat infamous for attacking and stealing from people who are related to magic and even has a bounty on his head.

Currently - ...I don't know or care necessarily. I suppose attacking someone for more power or being hunted for everything he's done. Just pick something that you can work with I guess. ;/

Agility - 12
Guts - 8
Mind - 18
Presence - 2
Spirit - 20

Knowledge: Magic (4) - Knowledge about magic, if he has enough information on a spell he sees then he can cast it himself with a fair amount of skill.
Gate Magic (3) - Magic which opens portals between this world and the next. Can be used to teleport himself or others, but Kieran mostly uses it in order to summon creatures to fight for people. The things summoned are not always loyal to Kieran.
Telepathy (3) - Alters thoughts and perceptions; can cause illusions and place thoughts in people's heads. Not strong enough to fully control most people; and strong minded people are able to resist it better. Used to manipulate people and control creatures summoned through Gate Magic.

Spellbook (10) - Kieran's spellbook, contains a variety of spells that Kieran has learned over the years, from simple magic when he was first learning everything to the dark magic he learned recently. Kieran adds any new spells he finds into it.


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