Guardians of the New Age

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Guardians of the New Age


Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:41 pm

Well, it's been... 2 months... since the last post here, so lets get that changed. This will be a mission based game for the most part.

Plot - Many years ago the world went through a terrible transformation; the ground shifted, storms raged, and people generally declared it the end of the world. It basically was for humans though, a lot of them died, unable to survive when the conditions worsened and many more died as creatures came about looking for food and they too have seemed to have changed much like the world did.

You are a member of the Guardians, a force created shortly after the diaster years ago with the intention of protecting humanity at all costs and eliminating all threats to their survival.

Sign Up
Appearance - What your character looks like.
Bio - Your character's history and anything else you want to share.

-- Stats --
Health - You have 100 health; though its sort of a technicality so you have a better idea of how well off you are. Most damage in this will be dealt sort of realisticly. ...Which is to say you can easily be killed in a bad hit or 2 if you're not properly defended.

(Out of 20)
Strength - Your physical strength; determines what equipment you can carry and use; and also adds to the damage you inflict with melee attacks. The total weight you can carry is your Strength x2.
Sense - Your senses. Lets you detect danger and see more when searching for something. In battle it helps with the accuracy of your attacks.
Agility - Your speed and reflexes; determines how quickly you can act and get out of danger.
Magic - An ability many became able to possess when the world underwent its transformation; its unknown what it actually is, but from its almost otherworldy power most people simply call it magic. You can create a magic ability for each 3 points you put in it. This also acts as MP, so if you use a magic ability it will reduce the amount of uses you have by 1 (You can also go for a stronger or weaker version that uses up more or less magic as well)
Spirit - Your willpower; helps you to keep going even against harsh odds and fight your hardest
at all times. (Chance to survive attacks / keep going if hit by status effects, critical hits)

-- Abilities --
You can create 4 non-magical abilities and a number of magical ones for every 3 points you have in your Magic stat. All abilities can either be things like specialized attacks or more generalized abilities; such as lockpicking, climbing, or superior skills when battling with a certain type of weapon or something. In the case of magic, general abilities are much weaker than a specialized spell.

You have 500 gold ( that really doesn't fit the setting at all, eh, whatever) to buy equipment and items.


WEAPONS ( In this there's a "Side Arm" equipment slot, which is basically a 1 handed weapon you can switch to at any time if you want to. Just saying in case you want to use it any.)
Iron Sword - "...Where'd you get that relic? Oh wait, ill-defined setting, Right." 1-handed. Weight: 4. Boosts damage by 15 (slashing) when used to attack. Cost: 50g
Iron Dagger - "A long iron knife; easily weilded, thrown or concealed(for what good that's worth)" 1 handed. Weight: 1. Boosts damage by 5 (slash or pierce) when used to attack. Can be thrown. Cost: 20g
Iron Spear - "A long iron spear, has superior range to all other melee attacks." 2-handed. Weight: 5. Boosts damage by 20 (piercing) when used to attack. Cost: 80g
Iron Axe - "A heavy iron axe; stronger than most other melee weapons." 2-handed. Weight: 7. Boosts damage by 30(slashing) when used to attack. Cost: 100g
Mace - "An iron mace, good at causing damage to both armor and enemies skulls. D:" 1-handed. Weight: 4. Boosts damage by 15 (bashing) when used to attack; 30 if done against a shield or armor. Can stun/daze target when hit. Cost: 70g
Staff - "A wooden staff... its faintly glowing, so it must be magic." 2-handed. Weight 3. Boosts damage by 5 (bashing) when used to attack. Once per day supplies 1 magic. Cost: 50g
Wand - "Magic wand or stick made of radioactive material? You be the judge." 1 handed. Weight 1. Once per day supplies 3 magic. Cost 90g
Wooden Bow - "A wooden bow, shoots arrows at a range; though close up its worthless." 2 handed. Weight: 3. Boosts damage by 10 (piercing) when used to attack. Can only be used at a range. Cost: 60g
Revolver - "Ah, finally technology. A strong and easy to use weapon. Though its pretty loud". 1 handed. Weight: 2. Deals 50 damage at range. Has 6 shots before having to be reloaded. ...Will probably alert people / monsters of your presence if used. Cost: 80g
Hunting Rifle - "More guns. ...I'd probably put more detail if I knew much about them..." 2-handed. Weight: 4. Deals 120 damage at range. Has to reload after each shot. Cost: 120g

Buckler - A small shield that can block 100HP worth of damage before breaking. Only effective if you actually defend with it. Weight: 2. Cost: 20g
Iron Shield - An iron shield that can block 250HP worth of damage before breaking. Only effective if you actually defend with it. Weight: 4. Cost: 50g
Heavy Shield - A thick shield that can block 400HP worth of damage before breaking. Only effective if you actually defend with it. Weight : 8. Cost: 90g
Cloak - A cloak that covers a person's entire body; not that great on defense but it protects from weather at least. Reduces enemies chance to hit by 3. Weight: 2 Cost: 30g
Mage's Robes - Magic enhancing robes, may or may not release toxic fumes. Once per day supplies 2 magic. Cost: 60g.
Leather Armor - Armor made of leather; about as effective as it sounds. Blocks 100HP worth of damage, regardless of whether you're defending or not. Weight: 2. Cost: 50g
Chainmail Armor - Armor made of metal chains. Blocks 200HP worth of damage. Drops agility by 1. Weight: 6. Cost: 80g
Platemail Armor - Plates of metal covering your entire body. Blocks 400HP worth of damage. Drops agility by 2. Weight: 10 Cost: 120g
Heavy Armor - Armor made because someone decided Platemail wasn't good enough. Blocks 600HP worth of damage. Drops agility by 3. Weight: 20. Cost: 120g
Helmet - Keeps your head from being crushed in, pierced through, etc. ...Basically insurance against the fun instant-death things. Weight: 3. Cost: 20g.
Leather Boots - Sturdy boots that can stand up to almost any type of terrain. Raises agility by 1. Weight: 1. Cost: 30g.

First Aid Kit - Heals wounds. Can't be used on yourself and fails if the person you use it on tries to move or do anything. Heals a total of 500HP per kit. Which is great, aside from the fact it's worthless in battle. 50g
Repair Kit - Fixes weapons and restores health to armor. Has 5 uses. 1 use will fix a piece of broken equipment (if armor, it will restore it to 50HP) Or restore 100HP to a piece of armor. 100g
Enrist Potion - A potion made from an odd plant. Cures all wounds on someone instantly when it comes in contact with them and also tends to put people to sleep. 40g.
Rations - Keeps you from starving. ...Yep. 10 for 10g.
Torch - A wooden torch. Can be lit on fire to be used as a source of light. ...If not for the fact it has practical purposes I would totally throw this into the weapon catagory were this some other game. 10g.
Bomb - Deals 250 damage in a small area; which will more or less instantly kill anything caught in the blast unless they're stupidly tough. Does a lot of structural damage and is very loud. 80g
Rope - ...Ordinary rope. And a lot of it at that. 20g
Magic Potion - A potion made from the strongest magical sources available; which is to say anything glowing. Restores your magic to full. 50g
Lockpicks - Lets you try and open up locks. 5 for 20g.

I'm being pretty lazy with the items, so if you think there should be something else that isn't there then just ask for it.

Also, if anyone has any questions on anything feel free to ask about them.

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Post by [sage] » Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:29 am

Neat game, but the weight for equipment seems very high.

Name: Kino
Age: 24
Gender: M
Appearance - Kino is short, but well built. He has black hair, a scruffy beard and dark green eyes.
Bio - Kino comes from a small village which was destroyed in the disaster. Ever since, he's made a living working as a tracker, a hunter, guide and a bodyguard for the Guardians. He's introverted and is struck by wanderlust. He never stays in the same place for long, and he loves to explore. He's very cautious and will usually flee or attempt to negotiate before turning to combat. If he can't do either, he'll attempt to attack from a distance, deter his opponent, or knock his opponent opponent out. He hates to kill, but hates the thought of dying even more.

-- Stats --
Strength -5
Agility - 3
Sense - 2
Magic - 6
Spirit - 4

-- Abilities --
Normal Skills
Warrior: Kino is an expert Marksman, very skilled with a blade and hand to hand combat (grappling and martial arts).
Hunter: Kino is skilled at tracking and stealth. He doesn't get lost very easily.
Athlete: Kino may not be particually strong or agile, but he has very good endurance, and is skilled at swimming, climbing and hiking cross-country.
Sixth Sense: Kino's natural senses aren't great, but all of the time he's spent in the wilderness and in the guardians organization has given him a sort of sixth sense when it comes to danger, magic. He's also a very light sleeper.

Magical Skills
Air Magic: Kino can control air and wind in any area in his line of sight. Tiran can use this magic to allow himself to fly, float, or hover at will.

Force Magic: Kino can use magical energy to attack, defend or create objects. The objects created are permanent, but cannot be magical, and cannot be repaired. (If that's too much, half durability for objects should be a good trade-off.)

Equipment (total weight:
Wand (410gp)
Revolver (Do I need to worry about Ammo?) (330gp)

Mage's Robe (270gp)
Buckler (250gp)
Iron Shield (230gp)
Leather Boots (200gp)
2 Magic Potions (100gp)
2 sets of 10 rations (80gp)
Rope (60gp)

I'll keep the rest of my gp for a little extra cash if I need it in a town or something.
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Post by Random User » Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:11 am

Name: Griff
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dirty-blonde hair with green eyes, Griff is about 5'5" and weighs 115lbs. He is usually wearing his former high school`s, sweatshirt along with matching sweatpants.

Bio: Griff had an average life at school, but after the cataclysm, he began to practice swordplay, he got very good and lived alone for a long while until one day he met a traveler while hunting. Griff, excited to once again see other humans, asked if he could join the Gaurdians. He was accepted and now works as a freelancer. He is always willing to go out and do something for someone, in fact Griff can hardly sit still for more than five minutes, and is always eager.


-Swordplay: Very good with swords.
-Swimmer: Exellent swimmer.
-Theif: Good at stealing, pickpocketing, etc.
-Social: Can talk to just about anyone.

-Flames: Can control a ball of fire and send it flying for about 15-16 yards, 360 degrees.

Equipment: (Total Weight: 15)
Iron Sword (450)
Iron Sheild (400)
Chainmail Armor (320)
Leather Boots (290)

FirstAid Kit (x2) (190)
Repair Kit (90)
Rations (x50) (40)

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Post by SephirothKirby » Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:41 am

Name: Diego
Age: 26
Gender: M
Appearance - Stands around six feet, with long, unruly blonde hair. Beautiful cyan eyes. He wears a mustard colored jacket that matches his pants over a black sleeveless shirt.
Bio - Diego Brangwin was born a cold blooded killer. All of his life he's had a twisted view on life, getting a sick twisted pleasure out of torturing other living things. As the disasters unfolded, he found himself sickeningly delighted by the chaos, not even batting an eye when his parents were devoured by the events. He took the total discord as a chance to murder those forsaken. It was okay, wasn't it? It was the inevitable. However, it wouldn't do. He would die were he to remain out there on his own. Fortunately, he discovered "The Guardians". An organization to protect humanity? Why would they want to do that? Humans are wretched things, let the world burn! Ah well, they offer him a place to sleep and meals to eat ... They wouldn't know the difference, would they?

-- Stats --
Strength - 2
Sense - 2
Agility - 4
Magic - 9
Spirit - 3

-- Abilities --
- [Normal] -
Magician: Diego is a skilled caster, and not much else. As a result, his skill with magic is significantly increased while wielding something he can channel his magic into (Staff, Wand)
Bluff: Diego is an excellent liar. He can get people to believe even outrageous things.
Defensive: Diego isn't skilled with fists, but what he can use them for is disabling an opponent who got too close, or even catching a stray projectile, should his luck perk up.
Sneak: Diego is a friend of the shadows, and can often times drop in on people unnoticed. Also helps him pickpocket.
- [Magic] -
XXI - The World: Diego is capable of manipulating time, but considering how strenuous this task is, the manipulation is quite limited. He is capable of slowing down, hasting, or briefly stopping small areas or individuals.
XII - The Hanged Man: Throws several knives out of a pocket in the air, the area it covers can be wide or narrow.
VI - The Lovers: Drains health from a target.

Wand (+3 MP/Day) WG: 1
Mage Robe (+2 MP/Day) WG: 0
Buckler (100 HP) WG: 2
Leather Boots (+1 AG) WG: 1
2 Magic Potions
20 Rations

Gold : 130

(That is one hell of a heavy cloak)

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Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:06 am

Yeah... Weight is a bit much. I planned for it to be a balancing factor between the stats, but I doubt I did it that well. Next game I do I'll have to remember not to bother with stuff like that. ;/

...And speaking of weight, I'm having the total you can carry be 3x your strength; since I sort of forgot to give a weight to the Mage robes and I didn't want to delay this any further. (since otherwise RU would have to change his stats in order to carry everything he had).

Anyway, I finally stopped being lazy and put all of your topics up. If you still want to change anything about your characters then feel free too.


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