Order of the Magus

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Order of the Magus


Post by [sage] » Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:33 am

Order of the Magus

For centuries the relations between Magic users (Magus) and normal people have been strained. Normal people often fear and mistrust those with supernatural powers and have persecuted magus in the past. The Magus however are not entirely innocent. Many of them believe they were born to rule over normal people and there have been nations conquered in the past by Rogue Magus. The Order of the Magus exists to protect the interests of Magus around the world, as well as keeping a check against would be conquerers.

This is basically a mission based battleclub.




You have 200 points to split.

HP: You lose the fight when reduced to 0HP.
MP: Used to power magical abilities.

You have 200 points to split.

Attack: Deal more damage with your attacks
Defense: Reduces damage taken.
Power: Increased the effects of spells you cast.
Resistance: Reduces the effects of spells targetting you.
Accuracy: More accurate attacks and higher chance of critical hit.
Speed: Take action Faster, move faster and makes enemy attacks less accurate.

You have 100 ability points. An ability with less than 10AP is considered level 0. Once an ability gets to 10, its level 1 and may be used effectively in combat. How much AP an ability needs to be improved to level 2 and up depends on the ability. Abilities that have a specialized effect will level up faster than general abilities. You can have anywhere from 2-10 abilities and may split your AP however you wish among those abilities.

Equipment: You have 100gp. 1gp = 10sp. Magic Gear is a highly personal thing among Magus. Except for minor trinkets, Powerful Magic is very rarely sold as a commodity, even to other Members of the Order. Its either created for personal use to complement one's own abilities or given as a gift to someone important to the Magus.

Iron Dagger (5SP): Attack +10. Speed +20. Defense -10. Light Weapon. May be used in offhand in place of shield. Close Range (Acc +50, Attack +20 Speed +30, Crit 20% Counter +10%). Mid Range (Throw for Att +30, Acc -10)
Iron Short Sword (5GP): Attack +20. Speed +10. Defense +10. Crit 10%. Counter: +10% Light Weapon. May be used in offhand in place of shield.
Iron Long Sword (10gp): Attack +40. Defense +20. Crit 10%. Counter +5%
Iron Great Sword (20gp): Attack +80. Accuracy - 10. Crit 15% Two Handed.
Iron Tipped Spear (1gp): Attack +30, Accuracy +10. Melee to Mid Range. Two Handed
-Mid Range: Attack +50. Enemy can't counter or attack unless he has Mid Range weapon.
-Close Range: Attack -10. Defense -10. unless used as a Quarterstaff. Crit: 0%
Club (5SP): Attack +30. Stun: 2% per 10 damage. Autostun on crit. (max 10%)
Iron Mace (15gp): Attack +60. Stun 5% per 10 damage. Autostun on crit.(max: 25%)
Apprentice's Staff (5gp): Attack +10. Power +30. 10MP to cast Magic Bolt. Magic Attack +50. Two rounds to recharge.
Quarterstaff (1SP): Attack +10. Defense +10. Speed +10. Counter +5%. Two Handed
Short Bow (20gp): Attack + 20. Accuracy +30 Long Range. Two Handed
Long Bow (20gp): Attack +40. Accuracy +10. Long Range. Two Handed
Flight Arrows (1SP/4): Superior Long Range. Attack +10. Accuracy +10. Ammo
Ironhead Arrows (1SP/4): Long Range. Attack +40. Accuracy -10. 1SP. Ammo
Blowgun (5SP): Accuracy +20. Mid Range. Light Weapon. Comes with Ammo pouch. Holds up to 10 darts.
Sleep Dart (1SP): Puts enemy to sleep for 10 rounds. Base 50% chance if it hits, +5% per 5 damage up to 100% at 50 damage. Heavy Armor decreases chance to 10% + 2% per 5 damage up to 30% at 50 damage. Ammo.
Poison Dart (1SP): Deals 10 damage per round for 10 rounds. Ammo.

Leather Armor (5gp): Defense +10
Chainmail (20gp): Defense +30.
Breastplate (40gp): Defense +60. Heavy Armor. Speed -10.
Apprentice Robes (10gp): Resistance + 20
Buckler (5gp): Defense +10. +5% chance of counter attack.
Iron Cap (5gp): Defense +10. Crit -2%.
Leather Boots (1gp): Speed +20.

Items + Equipment (The abbreviation ES is an indication of how much equipment space an item takes. Spelled out means it holds that much equipment space.
Tonic (10gp) Heals 50HP. ES1
Ether (20gp) Heals 50MP. ES1
Antidote (5gp) Heals poison. ES1
Steroids (25gp) Attack and Defense are increased by 25 for 3 rounds. ES1
Smokebomb (5gp): Creates a smokecloud that obscures visibility to Close Range. Mid Range. Accuracy for all in cloud is cut by 75% ES2
Belt (4sp): 4 Pouch/sheath slots.
Small Pouch (1SP): Equipment Space: 4
Quiver (2SP. First is free with purchase of Bow): Carries 20 arrows. Max: 1 w/backpack or two w/o backpack.
Backpack (5SP): Equipment Space: 100
Rations (1SP/day) Allows you to survive in areas without a food source for one day. ES5
Torch (1SP): Grants 60ft of Light for 6 hours. ES5
Flint & Steel (5SP) Strike a spark to start fires. ES5.

Scroll (5SP) A single spell can be inscribed to cast once for no MP cost. ES2
Traveller's Spellbook (25gp) Contains enough pages to inscribe 10 spells. Spells cast directly from a spellbook cost half MP, but have a 10% chance of burning the page. Specially trained Magus can restore the pages for 1gp. ES10
Light Crystal (10gp): 1MP to Illuminate 60ft for one hour. ES2
Life-Sensing Crystal (20gp): 1MP turns it on for one hour. Lights up when it senses living beings approaching within 100ft. It ignores any lifesigns it detects within that radius when activated, unless they leave and come back. ES2
Anti-Magic Crystal (50gp): Sets an antimagic field within 10ft of the user. No magic can be cast at or in that radius. Costs 1MP to power the anti-magic field for 10 minutes. ES2
Rune-Etcher (10gp): Can create magical runes on any surface, inscribing the effects of any spell you know on any surface. ES2

Some quick notes on Combat
1. Movement and Range

You get one action and one move per round. Movement allows you to change the distance between you and your opponent.

There are 5 range distances.

Range: Close Range < Melee < Mid Range < Far Range < Superior Far Range.
Close Range is grappling, unarmed or fighting with small weapons like knives or daggers.
Melee Range is any decent sized melee weapon.
Mid Range is any thrown weapon or weapon with superior reach, such as spears.
Long Range is any distance weapon such as a bow or projectile spells.
Superior Long Range is reserved for ranged attacks that specialize in distance, such as flight arrows.

You can run to increase your Speed x4. However, you cannot attack without a special ability, and your defense is halved if you are hit.
You can double your Speed and make an attack at half accuracy.
You can move normal Speed and still make an attack at no penalty.

Changing Range Distances: All fights as part of the training and dueling leagues related to the Order start at mid range. Mission fights can start at any range.

It takes a Speed Advantage of 50 points to gain a lead on your enemy (running away or catching up on range. Meaning if you normally have a Speed Advantage of 25, it takes 2 rounds to gain a lead or catch up to an opponent moving away.

2. Defense

When you're attacked, you can choose to defend. This doubles your defense (although if you have equipment that gives a defense penalty the penalty is doubled) and gives you a chance to counter (chance depends on your Speed and if your weapon is good at countering). If you have any defensive abilities, you can opt to use those to counter other skills or use magic to try and counter your enemy's actions.

3. Crits have a base chance of 5%. The higher your accuracy, the better chance of a crit occuring.

4. Stunts: You can try various tricks such as disarming, tripping or other dirty or skilled fighting as well. Just declare what you're trying to do, and if you hit and deal any damage, you succeed. Abilities related to a stunt provide a better chance of success and make it harder to recover from it.
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Post by Random User » Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:50 pm

Question: How much does the Apprentice Robes, Iron Cap, Leather Boots, Smokebomb, Belt, and Quiver cost?

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Post by [sage] » Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:06 am

Sorry. Prices for that stuff should be up now.
Total slaughter, total slaughter. I won\'t leave a single man alive. La de da de die, genocide. La de da de dud, an ocean of blood. Let\'s begin the killing time.

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Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:43 pm

You're still missing the cost of belts.

Kairav Raduin
Description - 5'9, Blue-violet eyes,Short black hair. Normally wears fine clothes and carries himself confidently, if not acting somewhat arrogant towards others.
Backstory - Kairav was born to a well off family of magus and trained in the art of magic since he was young. A few years ago however his family's secret was found out and his family was run out of their town by the frightened townspeople. The Order of the Magus came to their aid, and at that time Kairav decided to become a member to help out those in need.

HP: 140
MP: 60
Attack: 30
Defense: 10
Power: 50
Resistance: 30
Accuracy: 40
Speed: 40

Aqua Whip - 30AP - Creates a whip out of water and strikes with it. Deals damage and covers anyone hit with water, slowing them down somewhat. Can hit up to far range (though somewhat inaccurate) and if used on someone mid to close range has a chance of knocking the target down as well.

Water Prison - 30AP - Creates a sphere of water around someone. They will be trapped, unable to move and take some damage every turn until freed. The water prison can take a certain amount of damage before it is destroyed (any attacks they use or would be hit by will cause damage). The person trapped may make attacks on people outside of the prison if they are able to, however it has reduced accuracy. Anyone trapped will be covered with water and slowed somewhat even after escaping.

Arctic Gale- 20AP - Blasts someone with freezing winds; deals some damage and may stun. Deals extra damage if they were hit by water and has a chance of freezing them (or just greatly increase the chance of stunning them).

True Sight - 20AP - Sees through illusion and increases accuracy for a short time once activated. Outside of battles may be used to detect the location of certain things.

Equipment / Items

Iron Short Sword (5)
Buckler (10)
Chainmail (30)
Leather Boots (31)
Traveller's Spellbook (56)
Tonic x1 (66)
Ether x1 (86)
Backpack (86.5)
Torch x3 (86. 8)
Ration x12 (8 8)

Remaining: 12gp.

If I made a mistake somewhere then tell me what needs to be changed.

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Post by Random User » Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:21 am

Name: Wes
Age: 20
Sex: Male

Description: A somewhat tall guy with moderately long black hair. He`s always wearing a black shirt with a cracked skull on it, and somewhat loose pants.

Backstory: Wes was an orphan from day one... But lucky for him, the elder of his village took him in, raising him in the art of combat. One day, however, spoiled all of it. Wes had become angry at kids taunting him because of his lack of aggression. Wes`s anger took control of him and he attack the boy with magic. After this event, the people of his village nearly killed him as he narrowly escaped the mob. A few days later, Wes came back and burned the village to the ground. This mostly contributes to his dark attitude.

HP: 120
MP: 80
Attack: 60
Defense: 30
Power: 30
Resistance: 30
Accuracy: 30
Speed: 20

Shadow Blade-30AP- A blade infused with shadows, this blade sucks 10HP from enemies and gives it to the user. You can also let it suck 10 HP from you to increase Attack power.

Shadow Shield-20AP- Excellent source of Defence and give it 10 HP to power up defense.

Sneak-20AP- During battle, tnis allows me to lower the Accuracy of a person by 5%. On feild, it allows you to sneak around as a shadow, to elude others but can still be caught.

Demon Blast-30AP- A powerful blast. Made by a demon.

Buy and Equip Iron Long Sword, Leather Armor, and an Iron Cap.
Purchase: Backpack, 5 Tonics, and 4 Scrolls. Put items in backpack.


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