Lufia Series Returns to DS

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Lufia Series Returns to DS


Post by Valigarmander » Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:40 pm

Lufia Series Returns to DS

Following up their teaser announcement on last week, Square Enix released the first official details today on Estpolis: The Lands Cursed by the Gods, a brand-new Nintendo DS installment in the role-playing series known as Lufia in America. The game's due out February 25 in Japan for 5980 yen; no US date has been announced.

The new Estpolis is being developed by Lufia creator Neverland Company, with much of the staff of Lufia II closely involved with the project. That's no accident, as it turns out: This Estpolis is an action-RPG "rebirth" of Lufia II, which originally hit the Super NES in 1996.

Starring Maxim, a young monster hunter blessed with impressive and mysterious powers, the game features him and his friends on a quest to uncover what lurks behind the Wave Device, an object that grants the user godlike powers. As in Lufia II, the game will feature dungeons that focus heavily on puzzle-solving; unlike Lufia II, the gameplay is now action-RPG in style, with you controlling Maxim directly in battle and switching between characters by tapping their portrait on the bottom screen -- useful for combo attacks.

More as it comes.
Awesome. I still have the old SNES games. It'll be cool to see how this turns out...


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