Final Fantasy III: Noah is kind of a jerk!

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Final Fantasy III: Noah is kind of a jerk!


Post by Dark Seraphim » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:56 am

I've been playing Final Fantasy III on an old NES port, and while playing through I sort of realized something . . . Noah, the great wizard who trained Xande, Unei, and Doga . . . is sort of a jerk.

I know Xande is supposed to be the big villian, just under Cloud of Darkness, but seriously, you can't really blame Xande for going off the wall, maybe he's not justified for doing the evil stuff, but then again he didn't actually kill anyone maliciously. He trains under this great magic master, and when he dies his one peer gets all his Master's magic, his next gets his Master's dream world . . . and what does he get? Lucky you, you get the gift to die!

Seriously, Noah gives Xande the "gift of mortality" and so far I haven't even see a reason why he gave him that gift. So Xande can life the life of a human . . . this powerful, magically trained immortal, who's spent countless years as a student, gains the gift to start living a mortal life halfway through and die. Yeah . . . not really what I would call a gift I'd be satisfied with either.

Even if there was some moral or reason behind it, still, the gift to die? That's what he passes on to Xande? I suppose if you look hard enough . . . maybe Noah wanted to give Xande the chance to pass his powers to future students like he did, which would be fine and dandy . . . except firstly it seems he never bothers to tell Xande that, and because he didn't Xande goes insane and starts destroying the world so he won't die . . . so yeah, Noah is kind of a jerk!


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