Shantatto/Gabranth arenas in Dissida?

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Shantatto/Gabranth arenas in Dissida?


Post by Dark Seraphim » Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:11 pm

Because they were secret character, Shantotto and Gabranth were not given their own arenas, but they coould have, and it might have been interesting if they had chosen 2 locations from FFXI and FFXII to act as battlefields . . . but which ones?

For Shatotto I think the perfect arena for her character would be Windurst Walls, a huge map with several islands and boardwalks, the walks able to break away if smashed into, with several small house and huts to act as obsticles. At the center of the map would be the Heaven's Tower tree as the major landmark of the map. In its second mode, the sky will occassioanlly turn black and there will be Brave reducing traps scattered across the floor of the map, this is a reference to the Dynamis's in FFXI, a dark version of the world where the powerful enemies would suddenly pop without warning. This area would be quite suitable for Shantatto, large open areas with her quick movements, and the only major obstruction would be Heaven's Tower, so it would give her a lot of line of sight for her spells.

For Gabranth I think the innards of the Sky Fortress Bahamut would be suitable, as it was the last dungeon of the game afterall. It would tight and pretty compact, but due to the fortress's design would probabaly run more like a vertical Pandemonium. In its second form normally the brave pool will steadily increase as normal, occassionally the entire stage woudl suddenly glow red as if pulsating with the power of magicite, causing an opposite effect, while glowing the brave pool will steadily decrease like a timer, and EX Force generation would be doubled, increasing the EX Gauge even faster. This stage is optimal for Gabranth, as with the closed in spaces its good for him to get away for a quick EX Charge, but once he conrers an opponent he can make full use of his EX Mode, as well as, of course, when in the second stage the EX Force will allow him to charge even faster.


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