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Post by Sim Kid » Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:08 pm

So you guys hear about it at all? Or interested in it?

Personally I am. Mostly because I never really got to play the original persona before, and I hear they're fixing all sorts of things that lead to the game being tedious for little to no good reason. (eg not being told attack ranges) I have no idea if it's going to tone down the tedious grinding or the pixel-hunting in one scene, but I know it's going to be localized more like the Japanese version.

Meaning that Mark is now Caucasian, has a better looking hat, but still looks like a dork either way. Alana is still a ditz, dont' worry. If it has the snow queen quest, you'll probably see her act like less of a ditz. :P (I really dislike those two as you can tell...)


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