The most annoying final boss! (Potential spoilers)

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The most annoying final boss! (Potential spoilers)


Post by Sim Kid » Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:11 am

Well one thing I have to say is that the Radiant Winged one at the end of Tales of Vesperia probably deserves poitns for cheesiness. 500k+ HP? well that in itself is annoying, even if that's still only about 70k more than Zagi. (only in Tales of Vesperia does 70k NOT seem like a whole lot)

But oh man does this guy take the cake for cheesiness....if I were to record my fight against that dude and put it on Youtube, you'd probably wonder why the hell he managed to use "Big Bang" on me eight times in a row, and not to mention he kept resisting almost every attempts to interrupt him when he was trying to cast Healing Circle, only to them punish me with Punishing Descend and Moonbeam. (oh man I hate Punishing Descend...)
Of course, doesn't help you're probably worn off from the 2nd form. Even if it's an utter joke compared to the Radiant-winged-lets-be-like-sephiroth-since-i-have-on-existent-wings-one.

And let's not forget one of the cheesiest moves, Brave Vesperia. In which he rips off ALL your characters' mystic artes (Though I only really found Judith's by process of elimination and I used that one a LOT...I suck) and finishes with the ULTIMATE CHEESE...healing himself for 100,000 HP. You little sucker...good thing the enemies in the final dungeon drop treats like it's halloween.

(You know it woulda been funny if Zagi walked over to Duke, kicked his arse, then he all of a sudden became the final boss. IT'd probably have made him a challenge)

I simply put my little experiences with him a efw days ago into a little drinking game...

-Whenever Duke uses "Big Bang", take a drink.
-Whenever Duke uses Moonbeam on Estelle, take a drink.
-Whenever the player uses an item, take a drink.
-Whenever Digitalpotato says "Damn", take a drink.
-Whenever Digitalpotato says "Piss Bagel", take a drink.
-Whenever Raven is KOed, take a drink. (I swear he dies quicker than Rita...)
-Whenever Duke heals, take a drink.

Good way to get wasted. :)


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