Create super attacks(A+B+control stick) for SSB;M characters

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Post by Madman200 » Tue Mar 30, 2004 9:40 pm


Neutral Stick + A + B = Thunder Bomb
Electrifies entire screen for 15% per hit, hits every 0.75 sec.

Side Stick + A + B = Instant Skull Bash
Maximum-charged Skull Bash. May die if miss.

Down Stick + A + B = Thunderstorm
Sends Thunder on enture screen. Works just like Thunder, but hurts 12-25% per hit.

Up Stick + A + B = Platformer
Vanishes and appeares on rejuvinating platform with 0% damage unless off screen.

I know, it's upgraded versions of the B attacks. :rolleyes: But it's still good, right? :cool:
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Post by Destiny Haunter » Sat Apr 03, 2004 6:20 pm


AB: Murder Link
(If Link or Young Link are on the battlefield, Ganondorf will home in on one of them and beat them with a giant anchor until they reach 999%, then he'll punch them out.)

Side AB: Choke Hold
(Classic Wrestling Move. Ganondorf takes hold of the enemy's neck and starts strangling them. Typically does 40-60 HP damage.)

Down AB: Dark Disaster
(Ganondorf vanishes into the ground as a dark puddle for 10 seconds and chases other opponents. Any opponent he runs into disappears! After use, charge for 4 minutes before usuing again.)

Up AB: Dark Destruction
(Ganondorf calls the master sword to come down to the battlefield and then it turns into a dark sword. When Ganondorf picks it up, the sky turns dark and Ganondorf does 75% damage to whoever he hits it with. Anybody else that touches the sword will likewise take 75% damage.)

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Post by Godot » Sat Apr 03, 2004 7:36 pm


AB > or <: Magic slap.

Peach sends a hard hit with her hand, like the magic she shown during the begaining.

AB ^: Tea rain

Peach takes out a Tea Kettal and sprays it up in the Air, causing people above her massive damange and burns.

AB v: Hair twirl

She spins and her hair can be used as a chain.
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