Character of the Month #108: Just Some Guy Named Steve

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Character of the Month #108: Just Some Guy Named Steve


Post by CaptHayfever » Wed Nov 11, 2020 12:39 am


Source series: Minecraft
First appearance: Minecraft (unnamed protag/Zombie/Enderman 2009, "Steve" 2011, Alex 2014)


Weight class - Medium-light
Falling class - Slow
Running speed - Very slow
Jump height - Very low (lowest in game!)
Character class - Chaos Soldier

B - Mine/Craft/Block (source: Minecraft)
Side B - Minecart (source: Minecraft)
Up B - Elytra (source: Minecraft)
Down B - TNT (source: Minecraft)
Final Smash - House of Boom (source: Minecraft)

Minecraft World

Up - Hello!
Side - Steak
Down - Take a bow

--Has no idle animation.
--Can "crawl" (that is to say, can walk while looking down).
--Steve & Alex have 3 skins each.
--Zombie & Enderman have no Fighter Spirit.
--Elytra is named for the hardened exoskeletal forewings of certain insects that close over their primary wings for protection.
--Unless you're in Hazards-Off/Battlefield/Omega form, mining results vary based on the stage terrain.
--Can recover the iron from a Minecart if he's the one who breaks it.
--Any Minecraft character can use any crafting table onstage, & can summon their own with shield B. The table cannot be summoned, though, if you have no wood.
--Once one of the breakable weapons (sword, pickaxe, hatchet, shovel) breaks, Steve has to attack barehanded until he crafts a replacement weapon (or dies). The exceptions are specials & dair, which just won't execute at all.
--Weapon crafting defaults to the strongest resource available (diamond > gold > iron > stone > wood). Dirt/sand/wool/ice & redstone cannot craft weapons.
--Block creation & TNT default to the weakest resource available (dirt/sand/wool/ice < wood < stone < iron). Gold, diamond, & redstone cannot craft blocks. Correspondingly, Block Kirby cannot mine gold, diamond, or redstone, & he cannot Craft weapons.
--Non-smash sword attacks & hatchet attacks can be held down & used while walking/jumping.
--Up taunt will actually dodge any attack that a shorthop would dodge.
--First Smash fighter to originate from an indie game (not counting Mii costumes).

Sword - Jab, F-tilt, F-smash, nair
Pickaxe - Dash, fair, bair
Hatchet - Up tilt, up air
Shovel - Mine

Diamond - Weapons
Gold - Powered rail, Weapons
Iron - Anvil (dair, down throw), Minecart, Rail, TNT, Weapons, Blocks
Stone- Rail, TNT, Weapons, Blocks
Wood - Rail, TNT, Table, Weapons, Blocks
Redstone - Powered rail, TNT fuses
Dirt/Sand/Wool/Ice - Rail, TNT, Blocks
None - Elytra, Grab/Pummel, Up/Forward/Back Throw, Up/Down Smash, Down Tilt, Final Smash, Barehand Punch

Phew, that one was a doozy! So yeah. Thoughts on a guy named Steve?

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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Re: Character of the Month #108: Just Some Guy Named Steve


Post by MeowMan » Wed Nov 11, 2020 12:12 pm

Not sure if I would count him as indie rep since Minecraft has been owned by MIcrosoft since 2014

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Re: Character of the Month #108: Just Some Guy Named Steve


Post by DarkZero » Wed Nov 11, 2020 1:15 pm

dont give him a hard time, we're all owned by microsoft at this point

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