Ultimate Stage of the Month #6: The Freshmaker

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Ultimate Stage of the Month #6: The Freshmaker


Post by CaptHayfever » Fri Sep 18, 2020 7:53 pm


Source series: Persona
Appears in: Ultimate
Home characters: Joker

Availability: DLC
Type: Metamorphic
Hazards: Moving platforms, Walls, Train

"Last Surprise"
"Beneath the Mask"
"Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There"
"Rivers in the Desert"
"Our Beginning"
"Reach out to the Truth" (P4)
"I'll Face Myself" (P4)
"Time to Make History" (P4)
"Mass Destruction" (P3)
"Battle Hymn of the Soul" (P3)
"Aria of the Soul" (P3)

--If Persona 4 music plays, the stage turns yellow instead of red. And Persona 3 music makes it blue.
--If Joker fights on this stage, his rebellion gauge will change color to match the P4/P3 skins. If he wins, his victory screen will match as well.
--All dust effects are replaced with pink splash effects...except for Red/Leaf running back & forth in the background.
--These ATs & Pokémon cannot be summoned: Moon, Andross, Pong, Sheriff, Devil, Nikki, Arcade Bunny, Dr. Wily, Rathalos, Lugia, Lunala, & Marshadow.

Very cool, but strangely I don't see it often. I actually prefer the P3 & P4 skins; the red-on-black of P5 starts to clash after a while.

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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