Other Thing of the Month #105: Deconfirmed

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Other Thing of the Month #105: Deconfirmed


Post by CaptHayfever » Tue Aug 11, 2020 10:00 pm


Featured in: Ultimate
Function: You choose them.

Current AT summons (& home games, when not eponymous):
--Akira (Virtua Fighter)
--Alucard (Castlevania)
--Andross (Star Fox)
--Arcade Bunny (Nintendo Badge Arcade)
--Ashley (WarioWare)
--Black Knight (Fire Emblem)
--Burrowing Snagret (Pikmin)
--Chain Chomp (Mario)
--Chef Kawasaki (Kirby)
--Color TV-Game 15
--Devil (Devil World)
--Mighty the ArmadilloDillon (Dillon's Rolling Western)
--Dr. Kawashima (Brain Age)
--Flies & Hand (Mario Paint)
--Ghirahim (Zelda)
--Ghosts (Pac-Man)
--Gray Fox (Metal Gear)
--Guile (Street Fighter)
--Hammer Bro (Mario)
--Isaac (Golden Sun)
--Jeff (Earthbound)
--Kapp'n (Animal Crossing)
--Klaptrap (DK)
--Knuckle Joe (Kirby)
--Knuckles (Sonic)
--Krystal (Star Fox)
--Lyn (Fire Emblem)
--Midna (Zelda)
--Moon (Zelda)
--Mother Brain (Metroid)
--Nightmare (Kirby)
--Nikki (Swapnote)
--Phosphora (Kid Icarus)
--Rathalos (Monster Hunter)
--Riki (Xenoblade)
--Rodin (Bayonetta)
--Sablé Prince (The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls)
--Samurai Goroh (F-Zero)
--Shadow (Sonic)
--Shovel Knight
--Skull Kid (Zelda)
--Spring Man (Arms)
--Squid Sisters (Splatoon)
--Starman (Earthbound)
--Sukapon (Joy Mech Fight)
--Takamaru (The Mysterious Murasame Castle)
--Thwomp (Mario)
--Tiki (Fire Emblem)
--Vince (Art Academy)
--Waluigi (Mario)
--Wily Capsule (Mega Man)
--Yuri Kozukata (Fatal Frame)
--Zero (Mega Man)

--16 ATs from previous games are absent from Ultimate: Barbara, Dark Samus, Elec Man, Excitebikes, Helirin, Infantry & Tanks, Isabelle, Jill, Kat & Ana, Lakitu, Little Mac, Magnus, Mr. Resetti, Ray Mk III, Saki Amamiya, Tingle.
--Of those 16, 3 are now playable characters.
--Certain ATs cannot appear on certain stages.
--Rathalos is the only AT to double as a boss.
--The Yoshi, Ice Climber, Game & Watch, ROB, Wii Fit, Duck Hunt, Final Fantasy, & Mii franchise are the only ones with no assist characters.
--Nintendo tried to implement ATs in Melee; one proposed idea was having the Duck Hunt ducks flying around the battle.

Technically 4 ATs have become playable characters, if you count Vincent. ;)

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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