Other Thing of the Month #104: Regional Variations

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Other Thing of the Month #104: Regional Variations


Post by CaptHayfever » Fri Jul 24, 2020 5:54 pm


Featured in: Ultimate
Function: You choose them.

Current Pokéball summons (& attacks):
--Alolan Raichu (Stoked Sparksurfer)
--Vulpix (Ember)
--Alolan Vulpix (Frost Breath)
--Meowth (Pay Day)
--Abra (Teleport)
--Electrode (Explosion)
--Alolan Exeggutor (standing in the way)
--Goldeen (Splash)
--Staryu (Swift)
--Ditto (Transform)
--Eevee (Take Down)
--Snorlax (Body Slam)
--Moltres (Fly)
--Mew (nothing)
--Togepi (Metronome: Night Shade, Magnitude, Powder Snow, Hypnosis, or Leech Seed)
--Bellossom (Sweet Scent)
--Scizor (Metal Claw)
--Entei (Fire Spin)
--Suicune (Aurora Beam)
--Lugia (Aeroblast)
--Gardevoir (Reflect)
--Metagross (Earthquake)
--Lati@s (Steel Wing)
--Kyogre (Hydro Pump)
--Deoxys (Hyper Beam)
--Abomasnow (Blizzard & Ice Punch)
--Palkia (Spatial Rend)
--Giratina (Dragon Breath)
--Darkrai (Dark Void & Bad Dreams)
--Arceus (Gravity)
--Victini (Victory Star kinda)
--SmugleafSnivy (Razor Leaf)
--Oshawott (Surf)
--Zoroark (Fury Swipes)
--Kyurem (Icy Wind)
--Keldeo (Secret Sword)
--Meloetta (Echoed Voice)
--Genesect (Techno Blast)
--Chespin (Seed Bomb)
--Fennekin (Incinerate)
--Fletchling (Peck)
--Spewpa (Stun Spore)
--Gogoat (Take Down)
--Swirlix (Cotton Spore)
--Inkay (Topsy-Turvy)
--Dedenne (Discharge)
--Xerneas (Geomancy kinda)
--Bewear (Hammer Arm)
--Pyukumuku (Counter kinda)
--Togedemaru (Zing Zap)
--Mimikyu (Let's Snuggle Forever)
--Tapu Koko (Electric Surge)
--Solgaleo (Sunsteel Strike)
--Lunala (Moongeist Beam)
--Marshadow (Spectral Thief)

--Gogoat's summoner can ride it.
--Victory Star normally raises accuracy; here it grants a Final Smash (even if Smash Balls & meter are off).
--Geomancy normally raises Special & Speed; here it grants Gold status.
--Pyukumuku can be picked up & thrown.
--Pyukumuku's "Counter" can cause damage even if it was not bothered.

I can't believe Night Shade is still in this game. Ugh. At least there's no Assist Trophy that does the same thing....

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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