Other Thing of the Month #99: Sabermetrics

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Other Thing of the Month #99: Sabermetrics


Post by CaptHayfever » Sun Feb 23, 2020 7:38 pm

TRAINING MODE (revamped)

Featured in: Ultimate
Function: Practice with real-time stats & differing battle conditions on-demand.

--Ultimate adds a new Training stage, made up of a Battlefield facsimile, a long plain with ledge at one end & walkoff at the other, & a fixed Cartesian background grid to measure distances.
--A new feature also overlays projected launch distances of each attack at 0%, 50%, & 100%.
--Rage and staling can now be toggled.
--Characters now become intangible on the pause screen.
--Custom stages can no longer be used in Training.
--A movelist database is now available for the player's character.
--Amiibo can be used in either the player or CPU positions, but they won't gain experience, & their behavior can't be adjusted.

I really love the Training stage, but it's kinda annoying that I can't properly test things on custom stages anymore.
With that, Thing of the Month is officially caught up! :)

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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Re: Other Thing of the Month #99: Sabermetrics


Post by Marilink » Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:23 am

Good title

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