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Top 10 Xbox/Xbox 360 Games


Post by Heroine of the Dragon » Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:35 am

What are your top ten favourite Xbox/360 games? :D
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Post by Bad Dragonite » Sat Sep 08, 2012 6:37 am

Current top 11 list (Not necessarily in order)
(Non exclusive titles)

1. Skyrim (Cliche, but it is a deep deep game with alot of content, terrific graphics, epic music, and good storyline, a deep world with a culture, economy, and so on, and awesome dragon-bear fights. Along with that, from what I can tell, the 360 game stands head and shoulders above the ps3 version when it comes to glitches and dlc, but that could just be favoritism on Bethesda's part.

2. Prototype. This game is some of the most fun you'll have with a super-hero game, You feel like a badass a considerable portion of the time and igt only keeps getting better. It also has a somewhat fascinating story, good graphics, and a nice and fairly eery soundtrack, but all of that is unimportant compared to the solid gameplay.

3. Fallout New Vegas/Fallout 3. I'm not putting these two together because they're basically the same game, they are alot alike, but I think enough is different between the two to call them separate. No, the reason I put them together is because New Vegas, while improving on some features, also messed up a couple as well. Story wise, both are interesting and have cool environments, but the choice between the two just comes down to what you prefer. NV is a bit more open, and is set in a dessert wasteland, while 3 is based in a ruined Washington DC, one's key color is a warm orange, the other's is a sticky green. The shooting mechanics are fun, the melee needs work, but it's altogether an immersive gaming experience.

4. Borderlands. One of the first true "RPSes" in the genre, the game has a distinct "Shoot n' Loot" gameplay style. It noticeably seems to borrow from games like Diablo, allowing for multiple players in either local splitscreen OR online multiplayer, this RPS is gaming gold.

5. Mass Effect. (series) One of the best looking and most interesting games on the system, it is a mixture of the Bioware "Good and Evil even though we dont call it that" system of roleplaying, and a third person cover based shooter. The gameplay is fairly solid, and the world is filled with beautiful scenery, and many intersting alien races. Truly it's a fairly deep universe they've created. Add to that the fact that every choice you make in the previous game carries over into later games throughout the series, these games have nearly limitless replay value.

6. The Orange Box. This game... THIS GAME.
This game is a compilation of 5 different games from the developer Valve. Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Episode 1, Half Life 2 Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and of course, Portal.
Honestly, I could go into how interesting these games are individually and how they mix together gameplay and storytelling perfectly, or how portal is the best thing ever, but instead, I'll just point to the fact that you're getting 5 full (critically acclaimed) games for the meager price of one, and even now it's alot cheaper than even buying a new game. If you don't have this for the 360, you're missing out, and should definitely rethink LIFE.

7. Dragon Age: Origins.
It's a third-person roleplaying game in which your choices effect the world around you, and a fantasy epic in which you take on the role of one of the last of a order of warriors known as the Grey Wardens, your mission is to destroy the Darkspawn that are invading the lands once again. This game has one of the best worlds and some of the most interesting characters in gaming altogether in my opinion. Definitely one for the collection. You can pick up the Ultimate Edition with all of the dlc included for a mere $20 US.

8. Beyond Good and Evil.
This game is a mixture of photography, stealth, 3D platforming, and action. It has an interesting story that is darker than it seems on the service, but still doesn't take itself too seriously. It has a sense of humor, and a cartoony style. The controls feel solid, and the game itself is challenging. My only real beef was that it was fairly short and that ( spoilers) [spoiler]when you go to the moon near the end of the game, you can't go back, so if you didn't complete all the races or something, you're pretty much screwed unless you load a previous save or start a new playthrough. Also, the thing with Jade and her god-like abilities at the end being a deus ex machina or something felt kindof like a copout, but whatever, it works out fairly well.[/spoiler]

9. Fable: The Lost Chapters.
This game promised alot, and didn't really deliver completely; however it still stands up for me. It's cinematic and beautiful, has a decent storyline, plenty of cool weapons, dungeons, characters, and spells. It's a little easy, but to this day, I still find this game to be one thing alot of games tend not to be, FUN.

10. Halo (series).
One of the best FPSes of our time in my own opinion. Whether you like it or not, Halo is without any doubt, one of the most influential games of modern times. My particular favorite is tied between the original Halo: Combat Evolved, and and Halo REACH. Reach itself at least added something to the series, like the powerups system. A seemingly meager thing that really seemed to freshen up a series others were expecting to become stale. The story is at least somewhat interesting, and the world is beautiful and fascinating (the story particularly shines in REACH IMO, giving us several characters we actually kindof care about) and the music is terrific. You shouldn't have an xbox or 360 collection without this game. It is basically what made the xbox as popular as it is today.

11. OHMYGAWD *gets stabbed in the sweet spot*
If you get the reference then you may know what's coming next.
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay.
This game is possibly the best FPS on the original xbox (and recently ported to the 360 and bundled with the sequel Riddick game "Assault on Dark Athena")
I say FPS, but really, this game seemlessly blends together Shooting, fighting, stealth, and EPIC all together. This may sound shaky, I mean, it's part of a movie franchise, but no, no seriously this game is freaking great, I swear, I'm not crazy.
The Halls of Butcher Bay are dark and gritty, and covered in graphiti and blood. The sound of this game is fantastic, the voice acting of Vin Diesel is actually terrific, the graphics are possibly the BEST on the original xbox, I haven't seen much better. And the gameplay, you know how I said the gameplay blends perfectly?, well because of this, the storytelling in game flows perfectly as well. The story itself isn't amazing, it's just pretty cool. If you're a fan of the Riddick movies and character then I'd imagine you would like it anyway. It was a bit short, but it was fun. Like really really fun. It was very enjoyable. I could honestly see myself playing it again and again.

Honorable mentions: Star Wars: Battlefront (I and II), Bard's Tale, Midnight Club: Streets of LA, Saints Row, Viva Pinata, Civilization Revolution, Minecraft xbox 30 edition Spiderman 2, and of course, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders.

Keep in mind, I can only put games I've played before, and there are several I haven't played (YET) so I expect this list to change sometime.
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