Sega Announces Doomed Franchises

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Sega Announces Doomed Franchises


Post by Metal Mario » Thu May 08, 2003 7:19 pm

*Source: GamerFeed

Dorimaga, A Japanese publication, had a Q&A with Sega regarding their franchise games. The results may shock some.

Crazy Taxi

Sega claims that the game is done and probably will never be remade again. This should come as no surprise as the predecessors in the franchise hardly lived up to the success of the first one.


Apparently Sega has stated that they have nothing in the works for a new NiGHTS game and may never remake the franchise. Shocking to say the least as the demand for the game seems to be fairly high, especially with GameCube owners.

Shining Soul

This game was announced a bit over a year ago and is still in the works. No word on when we could see a release of the game.

Shenmue III

According to that article the game has not been given the green light for development. According to Yu Suzuki, if it were to be developed they would include all 16 remaining chapters into one tight story for Shenmue III.

Disappointing if this information is in fact true.

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Post by theflyingfish » Thu May 08, 2003 7:40 pm

Crazy Taxi is probably better off this way. You can't really add that much to sequels to a game like that, with the exception of new levels and characters. Although, they could have decided to release new expansion packs for the PC version that would have those new levels and characters.

Ah well, at least they decided to revive Vectorman.

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