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Post by Martin » Thu Aug 25, 2005 2:27 pm

For now, I'll be posting only some old stuff I already did for a different site, then I'll get to doing some newer things. I would start with one of the Smackdown games, but I'll just go with my Mario & Luigi review instead. This ain't my greatest interview in the world(in fact, it's probably one of the worst I've done).

The game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is on the Gameboy Advance and is rated E for Everyone. This game is rated on a scale of seven stars, one for each Koopaling in the game.

Graphics: **** 1/2

I personally don't care for the graphics of this game, but that's just me. (I didn't like Super Mario World's either, yet most people did.) The spriting method for this particular game is the easiest of the entire Mario series.

Sound: ***** 1/2

Notice a pattern? The music is a bit unimpressive, and gets old at times. Some songs however are very nice (especially Joke's End and Bowser's Castle).

Difficulty: **

The first time through, the game can be a real killer. However, the game is really easy upon replaying it, as only two bosses will remain a challenge if you have any skill at all. (Roy and Fawful)

Controls: *******

The controls are very simple, and everything is where you would think it would be. Granted, the usage of L and R is a bit hard to remember at first, but you should adjust to it soon. Remember, Select pauses it, not Start!

Characters: *****

Let's see... you've got the new enemies Chomp Bro, Tanoomba, and Robo Chomp, you've got classic guys Piranha Plant, Geno, Wiggler, Goomba, Mario Bros., Professor E. Gadd, and Bowser. As for bosses, you don't have too many interesting bosses, but there are the Koopalings!

Replayability: ** 1/2

Unlike Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG, there are no major sidequests. There are a few mini-games that are fun, but nothing good enough to consider worth playing again.

Story: ***

Alright, a great evil comes and steals something, planning to awaken the ultimate wish-granting power, and the Mario Bros. have to allign with Bowser to stop it. Talk about ripping off SMRPG... and not living up to it either.

Humor: ****

The humor is good, but nowhere near as good as it is cracked up to be. Fawful is really a pretty unoriginal character, despite how people make him out to be (he's a copy of Mojo off that stupid Powerpuff show, thrown together with Bowyer, Yoda, and a retarded vegetable), and most of the jokes are pretty lame. Mario headbutting Luigi in his balls, is the highlight of the entire game humorwise.

Battles: (no stars)

The battle system is downright horrible. At least SMRPG and PM required a bit of planning to beat each boss, but this game is strictly about dodging the hits entirely. The battle mode is so bad this game isn't worthy of being called an RPG.

Fun Factor: ***

The game is pretty fun with solving puzzles and the addictive game in the Little Fungitown Arcade. However, due to the battles being so horrid, this game isn't as fun as it should be.

Overall: **

The game is highly overrated, but it's not bad(at least not bad as in, say, Star Fox Adventures bad) but it's not good either. I would suggest you borrow it from somebody if you want to play it instead of wasting thirty dollars.


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