Maro Kart DS Tracks

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Maro Kart DS Tracks


Post by Greenmarioman » Fri Sep 14, 2007 5:33 pm

Every single Nitro Track... REVIEWED! These are MY opinions, So dont get mad. :lol:

Figure 8 circuit
2/5 Meh. Too long and boring.

Yoshi Falls
3/5 Nice little track. Has a desicion of Speed or Items, Which is nice.

Cheep Cheep Beach
3/5 I LOVE this one. plenty of Items and Obstacles. Also Has BIG shortcut.

Luigi's Mantion
4/5 Pretty good. The trees can actually get in your way. Well set up.

Desert Hills
3/5 Pretty hard! Can get annoying at times.

Delphino Square
3/5 Area in the middle is the best part!

Waluigi Pinball
5/5 LIEK, THIS IS TEH AWSOMNESS!!!1! The best track EVAH.

Shroom Ridge
3/5 Great challenge. Plenty of cars. And soo delicious!

DK Pass
4/5 A little tedious at times, But has great balance of obstacles. And a helpful Item box hidden away!

Tick-Tock Clock
3/5 Not the best of tracks, but can be fun.

Mario Circuit
2/5 Very annoying. And the obstacles dont work!

Airship Fortress
5/5 The perfect track. period.

Wario Stadium
4/5 All Wario tracks are great. This one keeps that statment true.

Peach Gardens
3/5 Great track for obstacles. Very long.

Bowser Castle
5/5 See Wario Stadium description.

Rainbow Road
4/5 Not as good as other Rainbow Road tracks.

Retro Tracks Coming Soon! :yay:


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