Sonic Mega Collection: Mega review

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Sonic Mega Collection: Mega review


Post by Fishmael » Fri Dec 06, 2002 11:30 pm

Sonic Mega Collection is a game that has many of Sonic's classic Genesis games on it. If you never owned a Genesis, then go buy this game right now. I'll start the review by reviewing each game on the collection. (Including the hidden ones, so this may contain possible spoilers.)

Sonic the Hedgehog

The very first ever Sonic game made. This game was Sonic's mega debut that impressed gamers everywhere. Tails or Knuckles are not in this game, it revolves all around Sonic and Dr. Ivo Robotnik.(A.K.A. Eggman) Sonic only has two offensive maneuvers in this game. He uses the regular jump attack and, while running, if you press down on the control stick(control pad) he will roll and hurt enemies. The storyline goes like this: Ivo Robotnik has trapped a bunch of animals and is planning to turn them into robots for his sinister army. Sonic has to venture through 3 acts in each zone and fight Robotnik in one of his machines. Once you beat Robotnik, you will jump on top of a capsule freeing the animals within. On the way to the final showdown with Robotnik, if you clear a act(by passing through the sign with Sonic's face) with 50 or more rings, you'll see a big, golden ring next to the sign. Jump through that to enter a minigame where the area is moving in a 360 degree spin. You'll find a emerald trapped in a little force field. Everytime you hit the barrier containing the Chaos Emerald, you'll make the barrier weaker allowing Sonic to snag the Chaos Emerald. Try and gather all 7 Chaos Emeralds and then face and defeat Eggman in the final showdown. Sonic starts with three lives, and everytime you die, you lose a life. You'll see small golden rings throughout the game. Always keep a ring handy, for everytime your hit, your rings will scatter, but you can collect most of them if your fast enough. If you get attacked and you don't have a ring, you'll lose a life. If you lose all of your lives, you have to start from the first level in the game, so save those lives! If you get a certain amount of points, however, you can get a continue worth 3 lives!

Gameplay:8(Classic Sonic gaming but no spin dash.)
Graphics:9(Regular Sonic graphics with not that many eye-popping sights.)
Sound:8.5(Gotta love that smash noise when you peg Eggman.)
Replay:6(No save feature made many people disappointed.)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

This Sonic game was Miles "Tails" Prower's grand debut.(They call him Tails since he can fly with two tails, go figure.) Tails is a fox who mimicked Sonic's every move, unless a second player was playing as him. This game's plot was simple; Robotnik was changing all the animals into robots, and he was using the power of the Chaos Emeralds to power up the ultimate weapon, the "Death Egg." Also new to this game is the versus mode race. You get to race against a second player through the acts of each zone. Every time Sonic runs through a object called a point marker(every time you die, you start from here.) with 50 rings or more, you'll see a flashing ring hover over the point marker. Jump through this ring, and you'll enter a stage where you have to collect as much rings as they say on the screen. If you complete the stage, you will get a valuable Chaos Emerald. If you don't complete the stage, you'll just resume where you last left off. There are only 2 acts in each zone this time, with the end of the second act having a battle with Robotnik.

Gameplay:9(Spin Dash was included here.)
Graphics:8.5(More polished than the original Some people think that Sonic1s Sonic looks cooler.)
Sound:8.5(Very nice music.)
Replay:8(Once again no save feature. But getting all of the emeralds and passing the game in one sitting isn't easy.)

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

The adventure continuing from Sonic 2, you'll instantly fall in love with this one. The storyline has the Death Egg crash landing on an island called "Floating Island." Dr Robotnik has found out that if he uses the Chaos Emeralds and an emerald which keeps Floating Island in the air(It's called Floating Island for a reason.) called the Master Emerald he will be able to repair the Death Egg and cause havoc. Robotnik also tricks the island's inhabitant, Knuckles,(his debut) that Sonic and Tails are trying to steal the Master Emerald. Sonic and Tails check out the island for adventure. While heading to Floating Isle, Sonic turns into Super Sonic and all of a sudden, he gets hit by Knuckles and then Knuckles takes Sonic's Chaos Emeralds. More of this story unfolds in "Sonic 3 and Knuckles."(more later) In this game, to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and Tails have to enter these giant, hidden gold rings and collect these blue spheres in order to obtain the Chaos Emerald. Whenever Sonic has 50 rings and passes a Lamppost,(point marker) a sparkly ring will hover over the Lamppost. Jump through this ring to enter a mini-game where you can gain more rings. For every 100 rings Sonic collects, he will gain a life. On the Blue Spheres game, if you roughly collect 50 rings, Sonic will obtain a continue. There is also new shields in this game. These shields give Sonic special abilities.(not for Tails except to breath in water and be a magnet for rings) The Fire shield for example, lets Sonic smash through as a fireball. This shield disappears in water, however. Another shield is the Water shield, which lets you breath underwater and bounce about. Last is the Electric shield, which is a magnet for rings(they come to you) and it lets Sonic do a double jump. Sonic and Tails came with two new moves in this game. For Sonic, if you pressed the jump button again in midair, he will do a move called the Insta-Shield. Tails was able to fly by tapping the jump button repeatedly.

Gameplay:9.5(New moves, but Sonic and Tails are still too wishy-washy.)
Graphics:9.5(Lush scenery and will please the eye)
Sound:9(Sonic music you'll never get out of your head. Ring noise roxxors.)
Replay:9(Yes, there was a save feature, but there was lesser levels than in Sonic 2.)

More later.

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Post by A Genius » Sun Dec 15, 2002 1:00 pm

Knuckles=awesome. Who's cooler? Nobody!

-A Genius (Actually, whenever there's a character with a blue color scheme (like Megaman), there's always a character with a red color scheme who's much cooler (like Protoman).)

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Post by Bomby » Mon Dec 16, 2002 8:31 pm

How can you not mention the sound when you get the rings. I love that sound for some odd reason...

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Post by Fishmael » Mon Dec 16, 2002 9:26 pm

Originally posted by Twistid Logik:
You said Sonic 2's graphics were more polished than Sonic 1, but 1 got a higher rating...?
I forgot to erase that sentence. The reason it got a higher score is because I got Pmed by some angry peeps that Sonic looks better in Sonic one than in Sonic two.
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Post by Fishmael » Mon Dec 16, 2002 9:29 pm

Originally posted by Rebel I.Q.:
How can you not mention the sound when you get the rings. I love that sound for some odd reason...
Good for you. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Post by The Cat » Mon Dec 30, 2002 1:12 am

I hate to sound stupid but how do you unlock things?

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Post by Fishmael » Mon Dec 30, 2002 8:59 pm

I forgot about the review. I'm so stupid. I'll remember to review the other games soon.

Yami Yoshi. To unlock games, you have to kill the game logs. You know how whenever you start to play a game, it says on the screen "Game log recording...." To unlock games, you must keep on going to the game until the game log recording sign stops appearing.
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