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Megaman Battle Network


Post by Sim Kid » Sat Jun 15, 2002 12:40 am

Look: I think this was the first Megaman GBA game, I don't know which was first, Megaman Battle network or Megaman Zero. Enough about the Megaman games. This game was among the first RPGs for the GBA, among the first ones I can think of include:
Bomberman Tournament (I consider it an RPG, since the Monsters Jump into you, and bomberman dosen't talk much)
Megaman Battle network,
Golden sun,
and Breath of fire.
So the question you are probably asking, Is a Megaman set in a 3D enviroment really worth spending 30 bucks for?

Graphics: Do Megaman games look better in a 3D enviroment? the answer is: Some. Protoman is pretty good and Hard. I also like how Woodman looks in this game. 9/10
Gameplay: The Battle system I can't really explain, except for the Fact that you can dodge attacks, shoot at enemeys that move, and even steal their terrotory, but they can steal yours. Unlike most RPGs, you don't gain levels by fighting viruses. You Gain levels by buying upgrades, HPmemories, and Armour. A little expensive. 6/10
Music: The boss music seems a little quiet, but don't turn the Sound up, as it gets louder. I The Battle music gets annoying after awhile. And the Final Battle music is a little repetive, but the other sounds make up for it. 7/10
Difficulty: Dentown is Pretty big, and even though it's 5 screens, it's sooo easy to get lost. Also, it took FOREVER to beat Woodman. The Fireman and Numberman stages were easy, same with the Colorman stage. Iceman's stage was about the longest one, but Elecman's Stage was a LIVING HELL!!! Gamefaqs really helps on Elecman's stage. 9/10
Lastability: It took roughly 2 days to get past Iceman's stage, and about 324 hours to get through Elecman's stage. That's not including how many Hours I spent trying to Kick Woodman's butt. 9/10
Replay value: I only went through the Game once, and the first time, I went into the Power Plant network and my batteries almost died, but I eventually Beat Elecman and Protoman. 8/10
Overall: I suggest you get it before you get Megaman Battle network 2, it'll provide you with alot of info on Gameplay and storyline. 8/10


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