Classic Review: Gauntlet(NES)

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Classic Review: Gauntlet(NES)


Post by MushroomNES » Mon Jun 10, 2002 9:06 pm

For this game, I'm going to use the review system I used in my site "The NES Gamer".

For each category(gameplay, graphics, sound, control, story), I'll rate it from 1 to 10, then I'll add up all of the scores and that will be it's "Overall" score.

This game is about a warrior, wizard, archer and valkyerie on one quest: save...umm...well, the thing didn't come with a story, so I can't really give any background on the game. But I can tell you it is set in the medievil age. That's about it.

Graphics 6/10
They could've done better, but the title screen is very well done. In gameplay, there is a lot of slowdown in more intense(lots of enemies)areas. Average.

Sound 8/10
Would have been a 9, but the annoying badly digitized voices are really, well, annoying. But other than that, the music is awesome. Especially the title screen tune. I can't the damn thing out of my head.

Story: N/A
Believe it or not, there was no given story, but I only got the cart instead of the whole package(instructions, box, etc,), so I'll rate this N/A instead of a 0.

Control: 7/10
Pretty straightforward, "A" shoots axes, arrows and lightning and "B" uses a potion. The only problem is that you can't shoot while the thing you shot is already in midair.

Gameplay: 8/10
Very intense gameplay, enemy levels can get up to 30 on screen at one time, which makes this game very hard. You have about 900 health to start out with, and you must find an "Exit" panel to escape, which is not an easy task, on accout every level is a maze.

Overall: 29/40 Sort of rare, so you'd be best finding this on the internet.


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