im suprised... and SSBM review

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im suprised... and SSBM review


Post by Greenmarioman » Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:28 pm

Heh. the forum got re-opened. suprise, suprise! onto the review! (i'm a bad speller... :lol: )

Super Smash Bros. Meele is a fun, frantic fighting game. It is also the first game that Mario is in that got a T-rating. There are many things people love about this game, and fans of the old one (Super Smash Bros.) will reconize the new additions.

The Adventure mode is new. It is fun, but the novelty wears thin. The coin mode is also new, and it adds on to the Meele mode fun. The addition of new items is also good.

Yes, Meele. The main attraction in this carnival. Its boring when you're by yourself, but with friends, it is a party! the Special Meele mode adds variety to the game when you realize there's nothing left to do in the game.

The unlockables are plenty. Tropheys, Arenas, and Characters. Having Capt. Falcon and Ness as starter characters is good, and the unlockable characters are better. Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, and more all make this game better. But, characters with the same moves as others, and have slight differences? Come on, Nintendo! Pichu, Falco and Young Link are all useless.

The novelty wears off after a while. But, it's a geat game! I hope SSBB isn't like this one, though.

a 4... out of 5. (X-play rules! :cool: )

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Post by Apiary Tazy » Fri Apr 27, 2007 9:57 am

This reminds me of Soul Calibur

Now, SSBB will have Create-A character, expect it won't be perfect, and they'll have a really annoying Story Mode, and a glitch that messes up your save! :D

Just saying...


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