Hey, someone might as well break 'er in...

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Hey, someone might as well break 'er in...


Post by Valigarmander » Mon Apr 16, 2007 4:35 pm

This is my first attempt at making a video game review. Letsee...

Metal Slug Anthology - Wii

Metal Slug Anthology compiles one of the greatest arcade run-and-guns of our time. Seven games in all, and all of them worthwhile. Let me disect it for you...

Basically, General Morden and his evil Rebel Army are stirring up trouble. The Peregrine Falcons, consisting of dashing Marco, precise Tarma, lovely Eri, cunning Fio, and a few others, all work together to defeat the evil General. Along the way, they defeat countless soldiers, tanks, and big machines, and even get into the supernatural, with aliens, mummies (I hate those bastards :mad: ), zombies, and one bigass demon. There are seven games... actually, six games, one game having two versions. So, that's six storylines for you to enjoy.

This game is fun. Like any arcade game, it has you running around shooting bad guys and rescuing POWs, collecting powerups, and defeating huge boss enemies. There are usually about five or six missions in each game, each with its own unique locale. You could be hunting in a jungle, climbing an icy peak, walking along a moving train, or exploring an alien mothership. The vehicles also add some interesting features to the games. There are tanks, mounted guns, plains, walkers, even camels and donkeys mounted with machineguns. You can pick up new weapons for stronger attacks, and collect different items for points. At the end of each level you get to fight a boss, which can range from being exceptionally easy to extremely difficult. All in all, this game will keep you occupied for a couple days, but the mere seven games will leave you wishing for more.

This is where I thought the game lagged a little. There are several different controller configurations to choose from, none of which are that great. You can use just the Wiimote, or the Nunchuck as well. One controller function has you utilizing the Wiimote like an arcade joystick, which loses its novelty rather quickly. Another will have you turing the remote 90 degrees and tilting it to move around. Interesting, but it isn't that easy to get your guy to go where you want him/her to go. The basic control scheme works, but the constant pushing of the B button on the back of the remote has left my index finger very sore at times.

As in any arcade run-and-gun, the AI doesn't really need to be that good. The enemies basically chase you around and shoot at you. Some of the ground troops might try ducking down or hiding behind obstacles to avoid fire, yet I've encountered a strange bug where groups of soldiers will continuously jump up and down after I've died, and continue to bounce around until I reappear. The bosses are a bit more complicated, but in a way they are not. Other than shifting from one form of attack to another, they don't really do much. This game doesn't have great AI, but as an arcade game it really doesn't need much. One thing I'd like to include is the way some of the Rebel soldiers act when you die. If you fall in combat, they point and laugh. Ha ha ha! However, when you teleport back into the stage they produce a frightened scream and sometimes run in the opposite direction. :D It's fun.

GRAPHICS - 10/10
This game has excellent graphics for a sprite-based sidescroller. All of the characters, player-controlled and NPC, have a unique series of animations. The backgrounds are vast and detailed, and almost every area is different from the last. The powerups range from your basic squares with a R for "rocket launcher" in it, from different foodstuffs and even other objects, like a nest with chicks in it or an old shoe. All of the badguys have great graphics, and especially the soldiers, who all are able to die different ways when you shoot them.

SOUND - 6.5/10
The sound is good, but nothing to write home about. The characters all produce their own unique noises. Weapons are usually different, but some can sound the same. The music is ho-hum.

EXTRAS - 5/10
This game will give you "tokens" every time you complete a game. These tokens can be used to purchase different extras, such as artwork, music, or interviews. Nothing really interesting, however.

OVERALL - 8/10
This is a very good compilation. The games are fun and have good replay value. The bad guys are interesting and the storyline is fun to follow. If you're at the store and aren't sure what new game to get for your Wii, I'd suggest Metal Slug Anthology.


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